Pass the Box Shower Game
Supplies: Box, gift, variety of wrapping paper

If you are looking for an activity game, where there isn’t a lot of thinking and no one needs to write things down, listen for words or keep watch for people crossing their legs, then Pass the Box is the game for you.

This game also works as a Baby Shower game too, with just some minor adjustments.

Pass the Box Game Prep & Play
Take a gift, like a candle, lotion, lottery tickets, etc… and place it in a box, then gift wrap it. Then wrap it again with different gift wrap, and again and again and again (you can go 8, 12, 15 or up to 20 layers). We recommend buying 2 – 4 different rolls of wrapping paper and just rotate the paper.

Have guests sit in a circle and let them know that when the music plays they pass the gift around the circle. When the music stops, the guest left holding the box unwraps the first layer of wrapping paper. Be sure they don’t unwrap more than one layer. Start the music again and begin passing the box again, then every time the music stops, another layer is removed until someone finally unwraps the very last layer and pulls out the gift. Then they get to keep the gift.

As a Shower Ice Breaker
Wrap as many layers as there are guests in attendance.
Also with each layer should be a “Get to know you question.”
How do you know the bride to be? How far did you travel to attend the bridal shower? When did you first meet the bride to be? (Come up with five or six questions and repeat if needed).
P.S. Don’t forget to place one question on the initial box before the first wrap.

Another Pass the Box Variation
The game is played the same way as noted above but with one difference, once a person unwraps a layer they are out of the game! Like musical chairs, this means that everyone gets to unwrap just one layer.

Last, if you wrap 12 layers and 10 people show up. Play the game like musical chairs but once the last person has gone. Then everybody is back in the game again until the gift is unwrapped.

Add Some Variety – Spice Up This Game!
Take the basic idea of the game, wrap a gift over and over again. Now add To Do Items, additional prizes or questions into the mix and this game gets more interesting.

So it would work this way:
Abby unwraps layer one – And a note says Challenge someone to hop on 1 foot for 30 seconds or something silly…
The music stops and Betty unwraps layer 2 – And her note says – What is the best advice you have for the bride to be? Or the Bride to be will be a great wife because… (get the idea)
The music stops again and Carol unwraps a layer and instead of a note there is a scratch off lottery ticket! Or a note about a winning small prize… (mints, gum, candy, etc…)

Basically, mix up the message this way guests won’t know whether they want the box or just want to quickly pass it on.