Who Knows the Bride and Groom Game
Supplies: Questions about the Bride and / or Groom, answers, pen and paper

This a fun couples / wedding shower game that can be adapted to bridal showers. Let’s face it, the reason you come to the bridal / wedding shower is to celebrate the bride and groom and this game helps everyone learn a little bit more about them and their relationship. We offer a printable Who Knows the Bride Best game and Guess Who Bride or Groom for Bridal Showers.

Who Knows the Bride and Groom Game Prep & Play
So you think you know the bride and groom, well challenge your guests to test their wits about when they met, their favorite foods and more. This game can be adapted to be just about the Bride, Groom or both.

Create 15 – 25 Questions about the bride and groom and place on a word document. Note the questions can be couple, bride or groom specific.
a. What year did they meet?
b. Where did they meet?
c. Bride’s favorite color?
d. Bride or Groom’s favorite food or drink? Favorite restaurant?
e. Does the bride or groom have a tattoo?

Now take the time before the shower to ask the Bride and Groom (if applicable) to answer these questions so you have the answers before the shower and create your answer sheet.

When you are ready to play the game during the bridal shower, hand out the questions and have your guests spend a set amount of time (recommend 5 minutes) answering them.

Once the time limit is up or everyone has completed the sheets, trade sheets for scoring and bring in the bride.

Go through each question and have guests offer answers if correct the bride says yes that is right and if no one provides answer the bride can say the answer is… In any case the bride can add little stories that tie into the question. The person with the most correct answers wins a prize.

Variation: If it is a Couples Wedding Shower
For more fun ask the bride and groom the questions separately and see if they come up with the same answers! Then if a question comes up where they gave different answers you can ask them again and see who was right!