Printable Wedding Shoe Game Questions

45 Wedding Shoes Questions that include semi-Naughty and Nice questions for the bride and groom.

The Wedding Shoe game is a popular wedding reception game that can also be played during wedding showers & engagement parties.

We offer two ways to play. One read these different and update questions during the wedding reception and let everyone just enjoy the answers and Two as guessing game at showers where guests try to predict how the bride and groom will answer the questions.

Why an updated Wedding Shoe game when there are plenty online?
Because my Wedding Planner friend said, “Wedding Shoe games are all the same and brides want something new.” So we came up with a variety of Wedding Shoe game questions that range from Nice, “Who posts more on social media?” to a little Naughty, “Who would be naked and locked out of their hotel room?” The mix allows you enjoy a fresh mix of Wedding Shoe game questions that your guests can enjoy.

Printable Wedding Shoe Game
Help the Bride & Groom make great memories at their wedding reception or shower with this prinbable Wedding Shoes game. You get 2 games and 45 wedding shoe questions that include classic favorites and edgy questions. Just purchase and the PDF file will be emailed to you. You will need Adobe to print the file.

Wedding Shoe Game Questions
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The Wedding Shoes game is perfect for
Wedding Receptions
Bridal Showers
Engagement Parties

How to play the Wedding Shoe Game – Wedding Reception Style
1. Chairs are placed in back to back in a prominent place in the venue.
2. The Bride and Groom each sit in a chair and remove their shoes.
3. Shoes are exchanged so that each person has one of their own and one of their partners shoe.
4. The Host explains the Wedding Shoe game rules.
The host will read a Wedding Shoes question and the Bride and Groom will answer by raising the shoe of the person who they think the question/statement best applies to. (Either themselves or their partner)

How to play the Wedding Shoe Game – Wedding Shower or Engagement Party
1. In this version, game sheets are handed out prior to playing the Wedding Shoes Game and guest try to predict how the couple will answer the questions. Bride, Groom or will it be Both (a Split decision).
2. Once the sheets are completed, the couple is brought out and you play as you would in a wedding reception.
3. Here is the difference, guests score whether they get the answer right in this version and the guest with the most correct wins a prize.

What makes the Wedding Shoe Game so popular?
The Wedding Shoes game is popular because it is sweet to see how the Bride and Groom respond to questions about them without knowing how the other is going to respond. Sometimes it is sweet, other times funny and surprising; the best part is that the guests get to learn fun facts and information about the couple quickly and in a fun way. The relationship questions mostly revolve around Love, Decision Making, Responsibility, Embarrassment and sometimes Sex (Whoopee).

When is the best Time to Play the Wedding Shoe Game?
At a wedding, we find the best time to play The Wedding Shoe game is after dinner and the cake has been cut and just before you want people to dance and have fun. This gets guests focused on the Bride & Groom and gets them laughing, talking and smiling as they play the game.

Why did we create a Wedding Shoe Game?
My friend, a Wedding Planner, and I were talking about party games and she mentioned, “What I really need are update Wedding Shoes game questions for my weddings. The questions are all the same and the Brides want something update, fresh and a few risqué questions to make it more unique and fun.”

I took her advice to heart and started to see what Wedding Shoe games were online and I was surprised that 90% of the games and the questions could be traced back to an article from TheKnot and one site. It was disappointing to see that most of the Etsy Listings just copied and put Wedding Shoe questions on a printable and slapped it online for sale with no originality.

We saw a need to create an updated Wedding Shoe Game to offer something fresh to the mix. We kept Wedding Shoe favorites and added new questions to the mix. Roughly two/thirds of each game has new or updated Wedding Shoe questions.

Plus, we added several questions that involve the bedroom or being naked. Brides want fun questions and you can always remove them from the list if not appropriate for your guests, but now you have new options and questions from which to work with.

Party Game Ideas Wedding Shoe Game is a fresh take on a on Wedding Shower and Wedding Reception game.

You can play the game by handing out game sheets and having guests guess the results or use the two Wedding Shoe game questions on the two sheets to come up with a good mix to be read during the reception.

If you are going to use the questions at the reception, we recommend using between 20 – 25 Wedding Shoe questions. The game should run about 6 – 8 minutes and if you include the set up time about 10 minutes.

You can purchase our printable Wedding Shoes Questions game here.