Printable Who Knows the Graduate Best – Graduation Party Game

24 Questions About the Graduate – Easy, Fun and Sometimes Embarrassing Party Game.

Who Knows the Graduate Best game is the perfect way to celebrate your Graduate. Our printable graduation game offers a mix of questions the include Has the Graduate Ever, Choice and Fill in the Blank questions that depending on the correct answers will inspire sharing stories. laughter and smiles.

Who Knows the Graduate Best question styles:
1. Has the Graduate Ever yes or No Questions – Example – Fallen asleep in class.
2. Select the Answer that Best Matches the Grad – Example – Talking or Texting
3. Fill in the Blank – Example – Favorite Class

Printable Who Knows the Graduate Best
Enjoy getting answers to 24 questions about the Graduate and see Who Knows them Best. We offer scoring so you can have a winner or just play for fun. Just purchase our printable graduation game PDF and the file will be emailed to you. You will need Adobe to print the file.

Who Knows the Graduate Game
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24 Questions about the Graduate
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Who Knows the Graduate Best game is best for
High School graduation parties, but can be played at younger events or at College graduations.

Please know there are NO alcohol, relationship, or sex questions.

The printable Graduation game is made to print on an 8 x 11 sheet of paper, but you can also print 2 games per sheet. See below for details.

Game Play Length: Est. 10 – 15 minutes

Party Game Ideas Who Knows the Graduate Best printable game is an easy and fun game made to get the graduate and guests talking and interacting. The game helps bring back memories of school and graduation for older adults and helps get the graduate sharing stories that friends and family may not know about.

Print Size – Who Knows the Graduate Best is created to be printed on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper.
If you need smaller sized game sheets, you can print 2 game sheets per piece of paper.

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Pages per Sheet: 2
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Print 2 Games Per Sheet

Party Game Ideas hope your Graduation party is a wonderful success and thank you for visiting and using our site.