Printable Who Knows the Bride Best? Games

2 Games – Traditional and a Silly Who Knows the Bride Best Version – Great for Bridal Showers

Who Knows the Bride Best? is a fun game that tests how well you know the bride-to-be. We come up with a variety of who knows the bride best questions and we’ve gone a step further and created a silly version of the game for those that want to laugh and change things up. If you want a more risque version of this game, check out Who Knows the Bachelorette?

Everyone thinks they know the bride the best, but now you can find out who really does with this printable Who Knows the Bride Best games with 20 questions each. Questions range from Where the couple met to the bride’s middle name for the standard game and for the silly game questions include If the groom was a candy bar, what candy bar would he be? and Is her hair natural or colored. Based on the Bride choose which game best suits her and your guests.

Printable Who Knows the Bride Best
Enjoy the traditional Who Knows the Bride Best game or our Silly version. Both printable games have 20 questions for or about the bride-to-be. Just purchase and the PDF file will be emailed to you. You will need Adobe to print the file.

Printable Who Knows the Bride Best Questions - 2 Games Who Knows the Bride Best? Games
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Who Knows the Bride Best game is perfect for
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Party Game Ideas Who knows the Bride Best? games are a great way to learn about the bride-to-be and share stories about how the couple met and her likes and dislikes. This printable works well as an ice-breaker game once all the guests have arrived.

If you want to mix things up a bit, then you might enjoy our Silly Who Knows the Bride Best? game that has some real questions and some that are strange like “Do fish get thirsty?” Odd, strange, and interesting questions, guests try to answer how they think the bride will answer them.

Game play takes about 3-5 minutes to answer the questions and about 12 – 20 minutes (depending if story are told) to go over the answers.

We hope you enjoy our printable Who Knows the Bride games and have fun laughing and learn a bit more about the bride.