Printable Bridal Shower Scattergories Game
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Bridal Shower Scattergory like game challenges guests to get creative to name items starting with a specific letter of the alphabet. However the trick to winning this game is to have unique answers in each category to score points.

We’ve made two Bridal Shower Scattergories games. Both have shower / wedding related categories, but one allows you to use the bride’s initials or the couple’s initial and the other uses the word LOVE. You can choose which one works best for your shower or use them both.

Printable Bridal Shower Scattergories
Enjoy the challenge and creativity of this word game that requires quick thinking in order to win. Bridal Shower Scattergories printable game includes 12 categories and either 3 or 4 game plays depending on the game you play. Just purchase and the PDF file will be emailed to you. You will need Adobe to print the file.

Printable Bridal Shower Scattergories - Party GamesBridal Shower Scattergories Game
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Great game to get your Bridal Shower started. Want more? This game is part of our 7 Game Printable Bridal Shower Party Pack. Great games & Savings!

Party Game Ideas Shower Scattergories game is fast paced and made for those who think fast and find answers no one else writes down. However just having a unique answer doesn’t mean you score points, it must fit within the category.

Either way it is a lot of fun and one of our more popular, Bridal Shower games. We made it easy for you to adjust this game to your shower by giving two games one that is ready to go but takes longer to play and another that you personalize to the bride or couple.

Guest should be given 4 – 7 minutes to write down answers. We suggest you start with 4 – 5 minutes and once you hit the time limit, see if anyone has completed the sheet. If someone says yes, proceed to getting answers and scoring the game sheets, if the answer is no then add 2 minutes.

We have seen Bridal Shower Scattergories games and most offered one game, but we thought that you would like to have the option to play the way you want. We hope you enjoy our printable Bridal Shower games and they help you make wonderful memories.