Wedding Dress / Gown Game
Supplies: Toilet paper, creative minds

This is a classic bridal shower game that has guests working to create inspiring wedding dresses / gowns from rolls of toilet paper.

Wedding Dress Game Prep & Play
Make sure you have plenty of rolls of toilet paper prior to the game. During the bridal shower divide the guests into several groups and give them one or two rolls of toilet paper. The teams are told that they must create a wedding dress using only the roll(s) of toilet paper in 5 minutes. You can reduce the time to 3 minutes if you really want to stress them out.

If you have a competitive group of ladies then you may want to take each group into different rooms so that the other teams can’t hear or see how they are creating their wedding dress. This also makes for a dramatic entrance when the teams converge to present the wedding dresses that they created.

Before the team’s get started, each team needs to select one member of the team becomes the model to wear the wedding gown and the rest will work to create the toilet paper wedding dress. Give each team 3-5 minutes or more to create the wedding dress.

Once the teams have completed their toilet paper wedding dresses. the Bride is presented the gowns, judges them and declares a winner.

Make sure to have the camera / phone ready for this one as sometimes these dresses look amazing and other times, well they look like just a big roll of TP. A great way to get everyone involved and a good Bridal Shower ice-breaker game.