DIY Bridal Shower Bingo & Bingo Games
Supplies: Time to make cards, registry, printer

Bridal Shower Bingo combines classic bingo and bridal shower items (often gifts)!

For DIY Bridal Shower Bingo you need to create a Bingo card template and decide if you will fill in the Bingo squares or if the guests will do it.

In most cases, Bridal Shower Bingo is played while opening the shower gifts. We recommend that you create the template and then grab the gift registry to create a list that player can use to fill in the bingo squares.

If you want to play a Bingo as a stand alone game then select 50 – 60 terms that can involve weddings. The terms can be bridal gifts, honeymoon vacations or items relating to the wedding.

Important Tip
If you are having guests fill in the bingo squares, we have found that some guests will place items that they bought in a row so they have a better chance of winning. This means they might have an unfair advantage. One way to deal with this is that once everyone has completed their sheet, collect them and randomly pass them out to the guests. This way no one has an advantage.

To play Bridal Shower Gift Bingo
Hand out bingo sheets and markers, often pennies are used or you can use a pen. Have the bride-to-be open a gift and if that gift is on the players bingo card they mark it. Once a player complete a row (5 bingo squares) across, down or diagonal, they can call out bingo. If the bingo squares are confirmed that player wins.

If playing Bingo outside of the gift open part of the shower, hand out the Bridal Shower Bingo sheets and markers, fill in the squares using defined terms, have a separate bowl where you can place cut up strips of paper with the different bingo items on them.

To begin the game, pull an a slip of paper out of the bowl and read the item / word on the paper. It might be Church, Wedding Vows, Placesetting, and so on. Once players have marked there sheet, pull another piece of paper from the bowl, play until someone yells out bingo. Confirm the bingo and announce the winner.

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