Recipe for a Successful Marriage – Advice Game
Supplies: Paper, pen, advice and opinions

This bridal shower game / activity takes a little planning in advance as you ask guest to share their advice on various topics. This is less of a game, but more of a social activity that can be silly and informative.

Recipe for a Successful Marriage Prep & Play
Before the bridal shower guests are sent a document / card and are asked to complete a variety of statements:
“What is Your Recipe for…”  (Have 3-5 of each statement.)

a. Your Favorite Dinner
b. Romance
c. Making Up
d. Saving Money
e. etc…

Then have each guest bring the answers to your shower, place them in a basket and at different times during the shower take a brake and read 2 – 4 statements during each break.

After you complete the reading all the advice cards, save them and place them in a scrapbook.