Baby Shower Pick Teams Activity
Supplies: Common songs, slips of paper and people willing to sing

Sometimes the easiest things turn out to be difficult. One example is when you ask people to form teams and mix them up and you look and everyone partners up with people they already know.

Well we have a simple solution to randomly mix people up and form teams. This is the game you play before you play games.
Its a fun way to break-the-ice when guests don’t know each other, and you may not be sure the best way to divide up teams.

– Say you have 20 guests – and need 5 teams of four people each
– Pick five songs everyone knows. Write down each song four
times on separate pieces of paper. (Mary Had a Little Lamb x 4, Take Me Out to the Ball Game x 4, and so on . . .)
– Pass the 20 slips of paper to the guests randomly.
– One the count of three, everyone starts humming their song (no
words). The goal is to find the other three people humming your same
song. When everyone finds their song-mates — the teams have been set!

Yes – you can have guest pull out numbers like 1, 2, 3 and 4, but isn’t it more fun to have them sing.

Works for party or shower event.