Diaper-Tionary Pictionary Like Game
Supplies: Diapers, rubber bands, clips, imagination

How crafty are your guests? Well you’ll find out when you have guests create sculptures out of diapers. This game was inspired after my friend went on a cruise and told my about the cute little animals that the housekeeping staff made out of towels when the made up the room. Then I saw photos and said, wow wonder if you can do it with diapers? The answer is yes, but it is not easy.

Diaper-Tionary Game Prep & Play
a. Divide the group into teams of 4 – 5 players. If you have a large number of guests ask if they can bring some diapers, otherwise it gets expensive for the host.

b. Game supplies – 15 diapers per team, 10 rubber bands, 5 clips – you can use scrunchies and bobbie pins too.

c. Now each team will select someone to sculpt and the rest of the team will try to guess what it is. The sculptor will be given a clue card (see below for clue card ideas) and have 60 or 90 seconds to create the item and have their team guess the it.

The sculptor will use the diapers, rubber bands and clips or scrunches to create the item that was listed on the card. We recommend you use a time timer from Cranium or Pictionary so there is pressure to create the sculpture quickly.

d. The first team to correctly identify the sculpture gets a point. Now the next team member goes and the process continues until each team member has been a sculptor and then start again until you either run out of items to sculpt (then the team with the highest point total wins) or a team reaches a specific point total like first team to 4 or 5 points.

Here are ideas to sculpt:
Baby Items: Baby, baby bottle, rattle, baby’s car seat, stroller, etc…
Animal: Dog, elephant, dolphin, turtle, bird, duck, cat
Idea Tip: Need ideas, just go through Cranium or Pictionary cards and note random items you can create. FYI – The don’t all have to be baby related.

I suggest the game run 8 – 12 turns this makes it fun and should give everyone 2 at least chances to sculpt and have fun.