Baby Shower Trivia Games
Supplies: Facts, figures, research, questions, paper, pens

Baby Shower trivia games always are fun and entertaining as they challenge your guests and can educate them as well. We showcase how you can make your own diy Baby Shower Trivia game for a shower or consider one of the ones we feature below.

Tips to Create Baby Shower Trivia Games
a. Come up with a Topic for your Trivia game. It can be personalized about the mom-to-be, pregnancy, newborns, first year baby facts, and so on.

For Newborn consider National Averages in weight, length, amount of time they sleep, how far can a newborn see, average newborn heart rate, etc…

About Mom’s maybe the average new Mom gets “x” hours of sleep, ask a breastfeeding question, be creative…

b. To create a successful shower quiz pull together 12 – 20 interesting facts and figures and write questions for each. If these are extremely hard questions consider making the questions multiple choice, if however it is more common knowledge then leave a blank space after the question.

c. Once you have the question. Create a document / pdf and personalize the top with the baby shower celebration and the quiz name. Then list the questions and include answers or fill in the blank spaces. You’ll need to print out one game sheet per quest. When you hand out the sheets & pens, you’ll also mention how much time they will have to complete the sheet. we tend to like 3 – 4 minutes and then add an extra minute if people yell, we need more time.

d. Don’t forget to create your answer sheet, so you are ready to score the game after everyone has finished. As always, the most correct answers wins a prize, and be prepared to have a tie-breaker question ready to go.

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