Bridal Shower Hot Potato Game
Supplies: Wrapping paper, small box/boxes, paper, music, chairs, and have people who can pass things

This Bridal Shower game can be used to add a quirky twist to the shower, assign people to help out or have quests do an action. You can set it up so everyone has a task or just have a few people doing things.

Bridal Shower Hot Potato Game Prep & Play
a. Determine how many boxes you would like to play in the game, your options include
Option 1. One box with with an action, task or prize in it. (Only one winner)
Option 2. Three or four boxes (more if you want) – three boxes with action/task items and one with a prize. (so some people will get a box).
Option 3. Play one box per person attending. All boxes contain an action, task or prize. We suggest one in four or five have a prize.

b. Now determine the actions, tasks and prizes that you want to place in the boxes. The task and prizes should be simple, lighthearted, and fun. Use as many of these ideas as you would like or create your own.

Task and Fun Examples:
Wear a rose, be the shower photographer, wear a funny hat, get beverages for the bride, say a phrase every time someone says “bride,” like “to be married on (the date) June 14th.” Got the idea, you can adapt it to your event.

Prize Examples:
$5 gift card, lottery tickets, candle, hand lotion

c. Now place the tasks and prizes in the box/boxes and wrap them.

d. Have your guests sit in a circle and hand out a box/boxes. You can play several rounds of hot potato by handing out one box per round or you can hand out all the boxes at once and play one round. Tell your guests that they must pass the box around the room and when the music stops, go around and have each person open their box and read the task or action they got or show the prize. That person then wears, carries, completes the action noted in the box for the remainder of the shower.

Depending on whether you share that there are tasks or prizes in the boxes, you’ll get people wanting to either hold onto the box or to quickly pass it. So it is fun to see how they respond when playing the Bridal Shower Hot Potato game. For more fun have more than one box with a fun item in one, a silly item, an action item, etc… Enjoy watching them pass the box like crazy.