Bride Leaves the Room Game
Supplies: Bride, questions, answers, paper and pens

This game is meant to be very unexpected and to catch bridal / wedding shower guests off guard. If people ask if there will be games, you may want to say no we are skipping games.

Bride Leaves the Room Game Prep & Play
a. The game is called “Bride Leaves the Room,” but you can also adjust it to be Bride & Groom Leave the Room if it is a wedding or couples shower.

b. To prep you’ll need to create 10 – 15 questions about the bride. Here are questions you can use and then add your own.
What color are the Brides eyes?
Was she wearing eyeliner?
Was there anything in the Brides hair? If yes what was it?
How tall is the Bride?
What type of shoes is the Bride to be wearing? What color are they?
Is she wearing a belt?
You ask about earrings, necklaces, rings, watch, bracelets, pins, etc… (Is she wearing or what color or how many?)
You can also ask about pants, shirt, dress, blouse, jacket, etc… (Color, cut, style, length, etc…)
Anything that involves a visual element.

c. About an hour into the bridal shower, have everyone gather in a room and then ask the bride to leave the room. (You can let her know this game is planned for the shower – so she is not offended)

d. Now you can hand out the sheet with the questions on it and pens. Let everyone know they will have 4 minutes to complete the Bride Leaves the Room questions. The funny thing is that many people will not know the answer.

Sometimes you might include questions like: What color was her belt? The biggest surprise is when she is not wearing a belt and people put in answers.

e. After a few minutes the bride walks back in the room and it is time to score the answers. The guest with the most correct answers wins a prize. In case of a tie, have a tie breaking question.