Weenie in the Hole – Hot Dog Bachelorette – Bridal Shower Game
Supplies: String/ twine, scissors, hot dogs, belts, wide mouthed beverage bottles like Gatorade or old milk bottles

Ladies sometimes getting your weenie into the hole is harder than you think! This dangling hot dog target game will challenge your girlfriends to get the weiner into the hole (bottle) as fast as they can in order to be the big Weiner, I mean Winner!

The Weenie in the Hole aka Hot Dog Bottle Game and Slide the Hot Dog In is easy to play, but takes a little prep work for the Bachelorette party or Bridal Shower. The Weenie in the Hole game works best for at home (non-bar) bachelorette parties and casual bridal showers. The game is best played in jeans and shorts with belt loops, guests wearing dresses might want to skip this party game.

Weenie in the Hole Game Prep
a. You will need one hot dog and one bottle for each player that plays during a round.
If you have 12 guests and two rounds of six each, then you’ll need at least 6 bottles and hot dogs prepped for the game. we suggest you have at least 2 extra hot dogs ready to go just in case one breaks or the dogs runs in an eats one. FYI – The bottles should all be the same type in order to be fair.

b. Weenie/Hot Dog prep – Take the hot dog and poke a hole 1 inch from the end of the hot dog. Tip – A straw can make a nice clean hole.

c. Now cut lengths of string or twine (do not use thread) of about 15 inches in length (same length for each string). You’ll need one for each hot dog and test the length of the first one. You want to make sure it will dangle below the crotch.

d.  You’ll tie end end of the string around the weenie/hot dog and the other will go around a belt loop or belt. TIP: Have extra belts just in case players don’t have belt loops. 

e. Difficulty Level – Both are Challenging:
Easy – Tie the hot dog to a belt loop by the front zipper.
Hard – Tie the hot dog to a belt loop in the back of her pants.

f. Set a Start Line and place the bottles 5 – 8 feet in front of them. This means they have to walk to the bottle and the weenie/hot dog will start swinging which makes it harder to get the Weenie in the Hole.

How to Play Weenie in the Hole – Hot Dog in the Bottle Game
a. Gather your girlfriends around and let them know they are going to play Weenie in the Hole game. It is a simple game, where you must be the first to get a Weenie / Hot Dog completely in a Bottle.

b. Let them know that they can’t use their hands and the Weenie will be dangling from their waist.

c. The will Start from the Start Line and then proceed to the Bottle directly in front of them and the first one to complete the task of getting the complete Weenie in the Hole / Hot Dog in the Bottle Wins.

d. If doing more the one round of this game you can a. Have one winner per round. b. Time who completes the task fastest using a stopwatch and the fast time from 2 or more rounds wins. c. Have the winners of each round play a final round to determine the winner.

Weenie in the Hole / Slide the Hot Dog in the Bottle game is strange, odd and fun. It is best played at bachelorette parties where guests want to poke fun at sex and embarrass the bride-to-be. While it can be played at dressed up events, it is best for casual entire as it can be a little messy to get a weiner / hot dog against your clothes.