Bachelorette Pecker Ring Toss
Supplies: Male blow up doll, pecker (dick, penis, etc…) rings, and your girlfriends

Playing Pecker Ring Toss is easy. You need a plastic or inflatable pecker (cock, dick, penis) and plastic rings to toss on the pecker. The member of the bachelorette party who gets the most rings on the pecker wins.

We suggest playing your Pecker Ring Toss game with elimination rounds.
Round 1 – Stand 3 feet away and each player gets three rings. They players getting the most rings on the cock during their turn move on to the next round. For if 5 ladies get two rings to land on the penis, then they move on to round two.
Round 2 – Stand 5 feet away and thrown your rings. Continue to play until you have a winner and each time you have a tie move back another two feet to play again. The only exception to the rule is if all the player can’t land a ring on the pecker, then they go again from the same line.

When we first shared this game, the best way to play this game was to get a dildo or an inflatable male doll and toss rings at it. Both of these options will still work for this game, and if you are using a dildo you might want to play Pass the Vibrator after this game, but now there are specific games made just for playing Pecker Ring Toss including strap-on games, dick head games and standard ring toss games with a dick.

Here are some ready to play Pecker Ring Toss games for your Bachelorette party. 

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Some people are good at chugging a beer and others are good at throwing rings around peckers at Bachelorette parties!

Laugh and feel like a kid again as you take aim at landing rings around cocks/dicks. The best part of this game is how bad most people are putting a ring around these peckers. Seriously, sometimes everyone misses and then everyone gets to go again, and if you’ve had a drink or two well it is even more of a challenge.

The table and inflatable ring toss games are fun for most events, but the dick head and strap on games are really silly because people keep moving around and, well that makes these ring toss games more difficult. No matter which game you choose the bachelorette and the party attendees will have fun trying to master these games.