Pantyhose Shower Game
Supplies: Bag, pairs of old nylons, blindfold

This is one of those bridal shower games that sound easy until you share the fact that guests will be blindfolded. Enjoy this pantyhose shower game submitted by one of our guests.

Pantyhose Shower Game Prep & Play
My great-aunt did this game at my sister’s wedding shower and we all just had a blast. You take everyone and put them in a circle. You tell them that you are going to play a game and that you are going to have to put as many pairs of nylons (pantyhose) on your hands within two minutes as possible. Now show the bag and the nylons inside and ask who wants to go first!

When you get your first volunteer, then let the cat out of the bag and announce oh yeah, I forgot to mention that you will be blindfolded for this game too.

Then you then blindfold the first player and hand them a paper bag filled with old nylons and they have 2 minutes to put on as many pairs as possible. The person who gets the most pairs on is the winner.

After the first pair of pantyhose on you cannot feel a thing and we all laughed until we couldn’t laugh anymore.
Thanks, Sheri