Top Halloween Costumes Trends for 2020

Halloween is fast approaching and this year’s Halloween is likely to be unlike any other we have ever experience. There will still be Halloween events with Halloween costumes. While there are less movie and pop culture Halloween costume trends emerging, we are seeing the following culture events, experiences and people influencing this year’s Halloween.

1. Tiger King – With Joe Exotic asking for a pardon and Carl Baskin going on Dancing with the Stars. Tiger King is the Netflix series and story that just never seems to end. Have fun creating a wild Joe Exotic look, a flower child Carol Baskin costumes or go dressed as a tiger.
Tiger King Halloween Costumes
For Joe Exotic you need a blonde mullet, flashy loud shirt, moustache, some jewelry and maybe a stuffed tiger to carry around. Spirit Halloween has the outfit shown in the photo – Mullet Man Costume or put together your own from Amazon below. There is also Adult Flower Child Costume that looks a lot like Carol Baskin.

2. Fortnite – With kids having so much time on their hands, it is no wonder why Fortnite, one of the biggest video games, costumes will be huge once again. And this year, there are more Fortnite costumes than ever including Drift, Fishstick the Pirate, X-Lord, Lynx, Skull Trooper costumes and more.
Fortnite Kid's Costumes

3. The Child / Baby Yoda and Mandalorian – The Mandalorian and The Child (Baby Yoda) costumes will be popular this year, if you can find them. While we do expect there should be a good amount of Mandalorian bounty hunter costumes for men, the Baby Yoda costumes are going pretty fast for babies and toddlers. And there aren’t many (if any) Baby Yoda costumes for adults, so if you want one you may need to make it yourself or check out Etsy.
The Child Baby Yoda

Other top Halloween costume trends that are making an impact are familiar favorites and some new cultural items that might be around for a few years or be good for one Halloween and then done.

4. Super Heroes from Amazon’s The Boys – This year’s super hero winner is not Marvel or DC Comics, it’s The 7 and others from Amazon’s The Boys series. Homelander, Queen Maeve, A-Train, Starlight and more. These flawed super heroes put a new spin on the genre and offer a fun group costume idea.  If you haven’t seen The Boys, it is not to late to start binge watching it before All Hallows Eve.
The Boys Super Heroes Homelander Starlight Costumes

5. Billie Eilish – She is young, has hit song after hit song (Bad Guy, All Ever Wanted, , produces edgy videos and offers a variety of creative looks that teens find inspiring. She wears bold prints, baggy clothes and loves statement pieces. You may not be able to these looks at the Halloween shop but you and your teen can get creative with a trip to the thrift shop, fabric paint or markers and a can of spray paint. Plus we found a few costumes and accessories to start creating your look.
Halloween Billy Eilish Costume Ideas

6. Schitt’s Creek – Earlier this year Schitt’s Creek wrapped up it’s final season, but you can still share in the joy of the show by dressing as Johnny, Moira, David, Alexis or one of the many other colorful characters from the show. Moira and David allow for the most creative costumes, but there really is something for everyone and this can work as a great group costume. Just be sure to memorize some of your characters catch phrases and you’ll be all set for your Halloween party. Schitt's Creek Halloween Group Costume Ideas We didn’t have any luck finding out of the box costumes but did find a variety of David shirts/tops on Etsy. Johnny is pretty easy as he always wears suits, Moira wears wigs and over the top statement pieces and Alexis is bohemian chic and sexy.

7. Hamilton – With the release of Hamilton on Disney+ in July, millions of Americans were inspired by the story of one of our founding fathers. There is a surge in interest in the Hamilton and time-related costumes from the colonial period. One interesting idea is doing a group costume with this theme, learn the song and doing the dance moves as a group.
Colonial Hamilton Costumes

8. Mulan – The new live action movie when straight to Disney+ but this didn’t stop millions from watching this version of the Disney classic. In fact, the new movie help boost exposure of the animated version of Mulan as well. In the end, we expect lots of girls to be considering Mulan costumes with swords this Halloween.
Mulan Costumes

9. Doctors and Nurses – 2020 has been a rough year and many people are looking to honor those that have worked countless hours and risked their own health in order to help those fighting covid-19. We think wearing a doctor or nurses outfit without the Halloween blood and gore might be a nice way to saw thank you and show them you care. Doctors and Nurses Costumes 

10. The Masked Singer Costumes The Masked Singer is the singing competition where the singers as well as the costumes are the stars of the show. The costumes on the show are amazing, fun and colorful, but as of yet there is no official Masked Singer costume line. So if you want a Masked Singer styled costume you need to make it yourself or re-work an existing costume. There are limited options on Ebay, Etsy and Amazon, but searching for Masked Singer costumes really doesn’t yield much. Masked Singer Costume Idea Trends 2020

11. Wonder Woman – The long awaited Wonder Woman 1984 Movie is set to hit theaters in early October and should re-ignite interest Halloween costumes for our favorite female supper hero. The classic female superhero is sure to inspire a new legion of fans on and off the screen. There are some new Wonder Woman costumes inspired by this movie. Wonder Woman Costumes

12. Lady Gaga – With new videos, top-charting new songs and 9 different wardrobe changes at the 2020 VMA’s Lady Gaga has made a stunning return in 2020. Her new looks are fresh and futuristic all at once. It seems to be a blend between Fortnite, Billy Eilish and Gaga originals. The Halloween costume makers weren’t ready for a Lady Gaga and most likely won’t have any of her looks or knockoffs in stores for 2020, so these costume gems may be diy only. Gaga is definitely back and if you want to find these new looks or accessories you may find them on Etsy, Ebay, cosplay sites or Amazon, we found a few items below. Lady Gaga Halloween Costume Ideas 2020

13. Hocus Pocus – Tried, true and still a party favorite, Hocus Pocus provides a sense of normalcy and just the right amount of fun that we all want this Halloween. From a sleepy little movie from the 90’s Hocus Pocus continues to grow in endearment and Halloween costume offerings. I would say that the Sanderson Sisters might be truly spellbound by all the attention. This year we spotted some very cool Hocus Pocus dresses at the local Spirit shop, but sizes were limited check online before they disappear. Hocus Pocus - Popular Costumes

14. Harley Quinn – The movie Harley Quinn – Birds of Prey came out in January and brought us more of the female villain, we love but also hate. However, she makes a great colorful Halloween costume especially if you like bubble gum colors. Yes the character is a bad girl, but that doesn’t mean the one wearing the costume is. (lol). Check out these Harley Quinn – Birds of Prey costumes and accessories we found online. Harley Quinn Top Halloween Costumes 2020

15. Top Gun – Do you have the Need for Speed? With the announcement of a new Top Gun movie, there has been renewed interest in the fly boy look by guys and gals with dreams of being a pilot. The classic Top Gun look is easy to pull off and is sure to draw attention. Be sure to watch the original Top Gun movie, so you can offer some classic lines from this classic movie.

Every year there a new and trending Halloween costumes, based on online searches, sales data across various Halloween stores and pop culture trends. These Halloween costumes have above average interest and can be a catalyst to creating your own unique costume. A few more trends are sure to emerge between now and Halloween and if they make a big enough splash, we will add them to our list.

Some Costume Ideas we Recommend Avoiding in 2020
2020 has been a year unlike any other, we have lived. Often Halloween costume ideas come from what is happening in our world, and Halloween is a reflection of that. While we have highlight many of the top Halloween costume trends for 2020, there are some topics we skipped on purpose.

We want Halloween to be fun and not decisive, so with that we suggest avoiding the costume ideas.
Covid-19 – This virus is scary, over 200,000 people have died of the virus in the US. No one wants to be reminded of this on Halloween.
Black Lives Matter, Blues Lives Matter and All Lives Matter Costumes – Strong opinions on all sides could turn a fun Halloween experience in a verbal or physical engagement.
Political Costumes – Again strong opinions on both sides even the best of friends, turn angry. So we say skip the politics this Halloween.

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