Campfire Style Halloween Spooky Sounds Story Game

Supplies: A loud crowd

This is a campfire type story adapted for Halloween. Everyone gets a different sound effect and when they hear their sound mentioned each time in the story, they make their noise. It is recommended that you have someone who can shut the lights off just before the “scream” at the end of the story! It makes it more dramatic.

Some of the noises are verbal that you make with your voice and some are mechanical that you make with a gadget/toy. So start first with naming a verbal sound and asking for volunteers who are not shy about making verbal sounds. Then go to the mechanical sounds. If you have a lot of people just form groups of people making the same sound.

OWLS  (“who’s”)
GHOSTS  (“boo’s; and chains to rattle)
EVIL SCIENTISTS (“bwa-ha-ha-ha”)  (….this is such a fun sound to do!)
HAUNTED HOUSE  (6 creaky sounds made with those crank noise makers that you use for New Year’s.  If you turn them slowly, they sound like creaking drs)  (Will also need one or two of those toy thunder/lightning gadgets.  You could also use a sheet of metal hung from a string for thunder noise instead.)
KILLER CLOWNS (beep horns w/the squeeze bulbs on the ends)
RATTLESNAKES (bags of cheap maracas are available at party supply stores)
Librarian (narrator:  says “Shhh!”; and everyone clap for “loud crash”)

Participants may also find it fun to do more than one sound.
Do a practice for each sound.
Practice everyone loud crash (everyone clap).

Halloween Story 
It was a dark and foggy evening in ________________(fill in town).  In the cool night air, the aroma of formaldehyde being made in nearby _______________(fill in town) was very prominent.  The only sounds to be heard were the OWLS in the distance, the HAUNTED HOUSE on the corner with its creaking doors and thunder and lightning which always seem to surround the house.

Occasionally the KILLER CLOWN car would pass down the street, often being chased by the GHOSTS’ truck making a racket with all of their boo-ing and rattling of their chains.  Within the town library, someone turned a page too loudly and the LIBRARIAN said, “SSSh!”.  Meanwhile down on the street corner could be seen the notorious gang of EVIL SCIENTISTS.  You never quite know what they’re gonna be up to next.

Suddenly, from every sewer drain in the town could be heard the sea of resident RATTLESNAKES!  They all slithered into the street and up the steps of the library.  Each RATTLESNAKE took a book and slithered over to one of the tables.  One of the RATTLESNAKES remarked, “If you asp me, that boa the LIBRARIAN is wearing looks really constricting!”  Guess what the LIBRARIAN said?  That’s right  —  “SSSh!”.

Outside, the OWLS could be heard more strongly.  The KILLER CLOWN car approached the intersection, followed by the GHOSTS.  As they approached the intersection, the KILLER CLOWN driving the car signaled a right turn.  Oddly enough, his car made a left turn.  The truck behind them slammed on its brakes and there was a LOUD CRASH!  Down went the tail gate of the truck and out tumbled the GHOSTS.  The EVIL SCIENTISTS came running over from the corner to see what had happened.

Just then, the storm from the HAUNTED HOUSE expanded over the whole town.  The RATTLESNAKES convinced the librarian that the best place for everyone to gather was in the library.  So, all of the OWLS flew into the library.  The didn’t know what to read, so they just winged it.

The EVIL SCIENTISTS headed for the physics section and began arguing over where they were going to get the 3.14 pumpkins needed to make their specialty pumpkin pi.  The librarian then ushered to…….. “Send in the CLOWNS”.  The GHOSTS followed shortly thereafter being absolutely thrilled with any book in the library because all books include the word “Books”.

The LIBRARIAN was hopelessly saying over and over again “SSSh, SSSh!”.  And for a while at least ALL OF THE SOUNDS WERE GOING ON AT THE SAME TIME!…….But an hour later, everything was peaceful again in ____________(fill in town).  The OWLS went back to the trees, the  HAUNTED HOUSE brought its storm back home again, the EVIL SCIENTISTS went back to their corner, the GHOSTS got back in their truck, the KILLER CLOWNS eventually all made it back into their little clown car, and the RATTLESNAKES went back to their sewer drains.

And the LIBRARIAN?  Well, she looked around the library at the floating feathers, the slime on the books, the overturned tables, the broken chairs……And then, all of the sudden, she SCREAMED!  (scream!)

Thanks – Beverly L.

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