Printable Christmas Movie Bingo

Get ready for fun with our TV Christmas Movie Bingo game that is perfect for watching Hallmark Christmas movies, Lifetime Christmas movies and all other romantic holiday films that touch our hearts.

We come up with a printable Christmas Movie Bingo you’ll love.
• 21 different TV Christmas Movie Bingo cards
• 55 different Hallmark Christmas movie tropes and holiday clichés
• Printable bingo cards in two sizes. Full page and 2 per page
• Play with 2 or 21 people
• Play while watching romantic Christmas movies or you can play as regular bingo too!
Bonus – Drinking Game option for those who want wine or adult beverages while playing

Printable Christmas Movie Bingo
Includes 21 bingo cards perfect for watching Hallmark Christmas movies scavenger with friends and family. Plus Bonus Drinking Sheet just in case you want wine or an adult beverage, and game rules and instructions.

Printable Christmas Movie Bingo Cards for Hallmark Christmas Movie Watching Lifetime Holiday Movies
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Printable Christmas Movie Bingo includes:
21 Holiday Movie Bingo Cards
2 Sizes – Full Page & Two Per Page
Master Sheet of all Tropes and Clichés
Bonus – Drinking Game to take and share drinks
Christmas Movie Bingo rules and instructions

Once purchased, the game link will be emailed to so you can download it.

Check out Our Christmas Movie Bingo Video 🙂 

Length of Christmas Movie Bingo
• If you playing with family and friends and watching a Hallmark or Lifetime holiday movie, well the game could last the entire movie!
• If you are playing regular style bingo and pulling the tropes and holiday clichés out of a bowl, then a typical bingo game would take 5 – 8 minutes.

Bonus – Casual Christmas Movie Drinking Game
If you enjoy opening a bottle of wine or grabbing an adult beverage while tuning into romantic holiday movies, then you may enjoy are little drinking game. We think you’ll enjoy our bonus game, just select a one or two of the 55 different movie tropes and holiday clichés and place under the give and take wine glasses. Then when those events or items happen during the movie then you either give or take a drink!

We found this little extra may be silly, but everyone gets excited when it happens during a movie, and who can turn down an all drink when you are among friends.

This Christmas Bingo is not our normal Party Game
We mostly create games for holiday parties and gatherings, but our niece said why don’t you create a bingo game me and my friends can play while watching romantic Hallmark Christmas movies. Although it isn’t a true party event, friends and family gather to watch these holiday movies and she said it would add some fun to our watch parties.

It took us a while to review the concept and better understand what makes these movies so much contagious to watch and how can we make our bingo game the go to activity that must be played while watching these snow filled, return to your hometown, always a misunderstanding, and in the end they always kiss romantic movies. And when we learned that between Hallmark Channel and Lifetime they have around 300 different TV Christmas movies, we knew we had to create a very special Bingo game for these wonderful and inspiring films about the holidays.

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Here are some of our Christmas Movie Bingo tips
• If possible, play with 2, 3, or 4 cards. Each card is different so the more the merrier. 🙂

• Record the show. Someone may spot something like a Christmas Wreath in the back ground and other players may not catch it. By using a dvr you can rewind and make sure they are correct.

• Use candies, pennies or Hershey Kisses as bingo markers.

Party Game Ideas has had a wonderful time creating our printable Christmas Movie Bingo game and spending time watching lots of Hallmark Christmas movies. The one thing that surprised us is that we didn’t even use all the ideas we had! You’ll have a great time playing our games with friends and family, and maybe just maybe it will become one of your Christmas traditions.