Printable Christmas Bible Trivia Questions Game

20 Trivia Questions about Mary, Joseph and the birth of Jesus. A challenging printable game for friends, family, church and bible study groups.

Celebrate the reason for the season with our Christmas Bible Trivia game. We have 20 questions involving the events leading up to, around and after the birth of Jesus Christ and include Mary & Joseph, Jesus, King Herod, angels and more.

Printable Christmas Bible Trivia Questions Game
Our printable Christmas Bible Trivia game has 20 questions about Mary, Joseph and the birth of Jesus. Best enjoyed by those 12 and older. Guests must correctly choose the most right answers to win. Just purchase and the file link will be emailed to you, then print and play.

Christmas Bible Trivia GameChristmas Bible Trivia Game
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Our printable Christmas Trivia game is enjoyable for church, bible study and any group of friends and family the birth of the King of Kings. We include a mix of quiz questions the pertain to events before, at and after the Jesus’ birth. Topics include Mary & Joseph, Jesus, King Herod, The Wise Men, angels and more.

Age Recommendation – Age 12 and older
Length of time to play and score Christmas Bible Trivia Questions Game – 12 to 18 minutes.

We have seen a variety of printable Christmas Bible Trivia games online and found that some were to easy and others had some answers that weren’t always based on the bible. So we wanted a challenging quiz questions that would give most people pause and also educate too. For harder questions, our answer key provides the answer and references the bible verse we used to create it. Please know that with such a famous story, there are many Christmas bible trivia questions that most people will know and a few that should help decide the winner.

You should allow 5-6 minutes to play our Christmas Bible Trivia game and about 8-12 minutes to go over the questions and answers. We recommend this game for teenagers and adults, but younger kids can play (since it is multiple-choice), but may find several of the questions difficult.

Game Tip: Remind guests that they can not use their phones or tablets while playing the game to look up answers or they will be disqualified

We hope you enjoy our Christmas Bible Trivia Questions game and have a fun and Merry Christmas.

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