St. Patrick’s Day Left Right Story – Lucky’s Lost Gold

Lucky’s gold is missing, entertaining leprechaun story with almost 70 left right passes.

Looking for a fun activity for kids on St. Patrick’s Day? Well consider our Left Right Story – Lucky’s Lost Gold, a story about a leprechaun who’s gold disappears while he is taking a nap. Kids will enjoy the fun that ensues and discovering clues about who took the gold.

What’s a Left Right story game? A left right story game is where you pass gifts or prizes every time the word Left or Right is used in the story. Lucky’s Lost Gold takes about five minutes to read and contains around 70 left or right passes. It’s a silly and fun activity for St. Patrick’s Day events at home, the classroom or at parties. Plus you can add extra excitement to you St. Patrick’s Day game by marking one or several items that are being passed to win Pots of Gold filled with chocolate gold coins and St. Patrick’s Day candy.

Concerned about colds and germs? Well instead of passing the gifts/prizes, the prizes can be on the floor and the kids can move left or right around them.

Printable St. Patrick’s Day Left Right Game
Lucky’s Lost Gold Left Right Game is an original story that takes about 5 minutes to read and includes over 70 left right passes. Just purchase and the file link will be emailed to you, download, print and play. Adobe needed to print file.

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Our St. Patrick’s Day Left Right Story can be played with groups of 4 to 104. You just need to have one prize or favor for each party guest and space for everyone. Left Right games are great fun for kids, families and classrooms.

Please know that the story is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day event because it is leprechaun theme, however the story does not have a direct reference to the St. Patrick’s Day holiday. Learn more about the story below.

Party Host Tip 
If you are the Party Host and plan on taking part in the St. Patrick’s Day Left Right Story, consider recording the story on your phone and then playing it over a portable speaker. If you do this, be sure to read the story slowly and have the recording on your phone so you can start and pause it if needed.

The party host will provide the gifts/prizes for passing during your St. Patrick’s Day Left Right game. These can various party favors, candy bars, pots of gold coins and other items themed to St. Patrick’s Day, things that are lucky or leprechauns. We recommend that all the items be nice but you should include some prizes that are better/big than the others. That way kids get excited when they are holding or about to hold that prize. The fun in this game is that winning is random and it is just luck! So anyone can win.

We found various St. Patrick’s Day candy at Amazon. 

Here is how Ernie the Elf & The Special Gift begins.

Thud! Tutles woke up Right away; something had just hit her shell. She was Left a little shaken, but decided now was the Right time to head home for dinner. So she poked her head Right out of her shell and started crawling Left, Right, Left, and Left the meadow.

“It’s gone! It’s gone! My gold is gone!” yelled Lucky the Leprechaun.

Right before Lucky took a nap in the meadow, he Left his pot of gold on a rock. Now both his gold and the rock were gone!

Right away, he frantically searched the meadow, the stream, and Left no stone unturned. Without his gold, there won’t be any rainbows in the valley.

The story continues as Lucky tries to find out who stole his gold and tries to make sure that rainbows can return to his valley.

Lucky’s Lost Gold is an original left right story written by Russell Troutman exclusively for Party Game Ideas.
The story is Copyrighted.

We hope this St. Patrick’s Day game helps you celebrate the holiday with fun and laughter.