Simmie the Sloth & the Birthday Balloons – Birthday Left Right Game 
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Simmie the Sloth and the Birthday Balloons is an entertaining Left Right story about Simmie and his quest to celebrate his friends Birthday. Characters include Simmie the Sloth, Jenna the Giraffe, Mira the Monkey and Chris, this fun adventure showcases attributes of each animal and highlights teamwork. Our Birthday Left Right game is a fun birthday party game for girls and boys.

Simmie the Sloth Left Right game has 60 Left Right passes, and will keep guests on the edge of their seats as they pass left then right, then left, left and right again! Our story is about Simmie the Sloth, his animal friends, and the challenges he runs into while trying to take birthday balloons to his friend, Chris. Join in the fun with this birthday party left right game and find out whether the balloons make it or if they slip away.

Printable Simmie the Sloth Birthday Left Right Game
Simmie the Sloth and the Birthday Balloons is an original left right story by Russell Troutman, has 60 left-right passes, and takes about 5 minutes to read. Just purchase our printable birthday game PDF and the file will be emailed to you. You will need Adobe to print the file.

Simmie the Sloth and the Birthday Balloons
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Simmie the Sloth and the Birthday Balloons game is best for
kids birthday parties both boys and girls will enjoy this animal story. All ages can play, but it is geared towards kids 4 – 8. Guests just need to know their left from their right when they pass the prizes/gifts.

Game Play Length:
Set up and play Est. 6 – 10 minutes
Story read time 5 minutes

What is a Left Right Story?
Left Right stories/games are gift passing games like pass the parcel. These games work well during kid’s holiday gift exchanges as it resolves meltdowns as there is no gift stealing. Left Right games are also played at birthday parties, family gatherings, Halloween and other holidays. These left right games often include a mix of candy, prizes or favors and then one or several of the items are secretly marked to win an extra or bonus prize.

It is a fun birthday activity together all the kids before you serve food or cake and ice cream. Plus everyone starts with a prize or favor and ends up with one. Items can be wrapped or unwrapped, it is the host’s choice.

Here is how Simmie the Sloth & the Birthday Balloons begins.

“Thank you,” said Simmie the Sloth as the cashier handed him a bouquet of balloons and then his change.

With the balloons in his Right hand, he went to put the change in his Left pocket. That’s when a quarter Left his hand and fell Right by his Left shoe. As Simmie picked up the quarter, the balloons slowly slipped Right out of his Right hand.

“Ooooh Noooooo,” said Simmie as he slowly placed the quarter in his Left pocket.

Discover to see if Simmie the Sloth gets the balloons back and if he can hold on to them!
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Our Birthday Left Right story is an animal story that allows each animal to play a part in the story. It helps showcase that we are all different and by working together we can solve problems.

We hope you enjoy Simmie the Sloth & the Birthday Balloons Left Right Birthday Story written by Russell Troutman exclusively for Party Game Ideas. The story is Copyrighted.