Printable Birthday Match Me Game 
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Birthday Match Me is the fun printable match game for teens and adults. This fill in the blank birthday party game is reminiscent of the TV show Match Game, but we allow single player (birthday person) or contestant style play. This is an entertaining way for groups to enjoy a birthday celebration.

Our printable match game allows you to focus on how the birthday guy or gal would answer the questions/statements or play in a competitive style like the tv show. You’ll have fun playing both ways.

Printable Birthday Match Me
Enjoy laughing and smiling as the birthday person and guests answer these silly birthday related fill in the blank questions. There are two games with 8 fill in the blank statements, so you get a total of 16 statements. Just purchase our printable Birthday Match Me game PDF and the file will be emailed to you. You will need Adobe to print the file.

Birthday Match Me Game
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Birthday Match Me game is best for
teen and adult birthday parties. Fans of Match Game will especially enjoy the style of the game and how they are the center of attention.

The printable birthday party game is made to print on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper, but you can also print 2 games per sheet if needed. How to print 2 pages per sheet.

Game Play Length: Est. 8 – 12 minutes per game, longer for contestant style game.

Party Game Ideas Birthday Match Me printable game is a funny and odd party game for teen and adult birthday parties. This game is perfect for groups from 4 to 16 guests and answers can be clean or a little naughty, it all depends on your group.

One thing we really tried to do with our Birthday Match Me game was to make sure that each question has a variety of answer options and that there isn’t just one obvious answer. This makes the game more interesting and challenging for everyone.  

This party game works well for adults and offers a game option for teens that enjoy the Match Game show. It also can be played by families, but we would suggest that everyone be 10 or older.  

Each printable Birthday Match Me game has eight questions. This allows for a fun single player game and a good amount of  fill in the blank statement for contestant style play. We offer two games so you can play twice.

Birthday Match Me Game Fill in the Blank Questions
1. Wacky Waldo had his mouth wired shut. When it was time to blow out the candles, he blew them out with __________________.  

Fill in the blank Match Me game answers can range from nose to hands to feet or something that matches the players personality like a fan, water bottle or hat. The best part is each group makes this game their own and every game is different. 🙂

Party Game Ideas thanks you for your interest in our Birthday Match Me game and hope you enjoy laughing, be silly and answering these fun birthday related statements.