Toothpick Lifesaver Game
Supplies: Toothpicks and lifesavers

Focus and concentration is needed to be successful in this relay race. Recommended for kids 10 and older.

Toothpick Lifesaver Game Prep & Play
a. Divide your group into 2 teams, each team will need to be lined up facing forward.

b.Then take a bunch of toothpicks, give each person a tooth pick which they will place in their mouth. The first person in line is given a lifesaver.

Before you begin everybody puts the toothpicks into their mouth and then the captain (first person in line) puts a lifesaver on the toothpick.

c. The object is to pass the lifesaver from team member to team member using only the toothpick, no hands!

So when the Game Host says “Go,” the first person, with the lifesaver on their toothpick turns to face the next person in line to transfer the lifesaver to the second players toothpick. Then player two turns to transfer it to player three, this continues until the last player on the team has the lifesaver on the their toothpick.

The first team to pass it down to the end of the line wins.

Game Rule: If the lifesaver falls on the floor then you must start at the beginning again.
(Another variation that it is easier is straws and pretzels)