Needle in a Haystack Game
Supplies: Hay bales, large tarp, a few dollar bills & aluminum foil, wrapped candy like laffy taffy, outdoors – fyi this is a messy game.

Growing up in the country I never played any game like this, but it sounds fun. It was sent into us and it looks like it would work well at a harvest party or event, fall festival or a square dancing or country event.

Needle in a Haystack Game Prep & Play
a. First place a tarp on ground, take aluminum foil and tear off about 6 inch pieces and roll up like an needle (place dollar bills inside – fyi make large enough so they don’t get lost), get candy and begin to place hay onto the tarp.

b. Now as you go toss/mix in foil and candy at random intervals and continue to stack the hay into a bigger and wider pile. Once all the hay is in a pile with the needles and candy is inside, then gather the kids around and let them know that there are prizes in the haystack. Show them an example of a needle (rolled up foil) so they know what they are looking for.

c. When the game host says go, players jump into the stack to find needles and candy.
If there is a noticeable age difference allow younger children to go first and then let the older kids join in after 30 seconds. Another way to do this is to have different haystacks for different ages.

The dollars and candy are the prizes