Photo Treasure Hunt Game
Supplies: Digital camera/phone, printer to print out pictures

Young kids who cannot read are sometimes left out of the fun of treasure hunts, but with photo treasure hunts you can let them join in on the action.

Photo Treasure Hunt Game Prep & Play
While this style of Treasure Hunt is geared for Younger Children, it can be adapted to any age group.

Take 10 or more photos of details/items around the house.
Here are some ideas:
Keyholes or a specific door handle if unique
A piece of furniture – take close up photos so they don’t know exactly what the item is at first glance
A pillow from a bed or sofa
A photo of a bathroom or kitchen drain
Inside a cabinet or closet looking out with items in front. (Tip set camera on 10 second delay to take)
Take a photo of a specific book, frame or picture in your house
– Now that you have the idea you can finish the rest on your own.

Now re-size all the photos and place on one sheet of paper and Print.

Give a sheet with photos and have them go off and find each item on the list and state where that itme is located.

Be sure to state “How specific the answers need to be”
– Are you looking for “The Kitchen” or “the cabinet next to the dishwasher” “bathroom or sink in upstairs bathroom”
– The reason you need to state this is because some photos might be very easy and the kids will just state generic terms to be first to complete the game. The more specific you require them to be the more they will need to search and find where you took the photo and the greater the challenge. If the kids are to young to write send an adult or older child to write down their answers.

The first team to return and have the most correct answers wins.
We suggest a 5 – 10 minute time limit on this game. If played outdoors or then increase the time as needed.

A Little Harder Photo Treasure Hunt
Take 10 photos of various items or places around the house.
Now start with a one photo clue that should lead them to the item on the photo and the next photo clue and so on.
You can plan this as one big group hunt, teams or individuals.

Even Harder
With each clue include a word with certain letters in bold. All the bolded letters spell a word or phrase that leads to the last clue. FYI – Be ready for the kids to be stumped and have additional clues verbal clues available, but make them sweat it out for a few minutes.

Not sure you are up for all this or just would rather have a simple Scavenger Hunt or Treasure Hunt.
Then consider Riddle Me – They have 1,000’s of Clues pre-written for You!