Stuffed Animal Find – Children’s Party Game
Supplies: Stuffed animals

For young kids this can be fun or a terrible experience, it just matters whether they are okay to give up their favorite stuffed animal for a little bit. If you have pets, it is best to keep them away, so they don’t get into the stuffed animals.

Stuffed Animal Find Prep & Play
Invite all guests to bring their favorite stuffed animal.

Once they arrive have them place their stuffed animal with the other stuffed animal. If they are young, this may not happen but give it a try.

Then during the party place all the stuffed animals together in a bin, laundry basket or on the floor in a pile. Now blindfold the kids and ask them to see if they can find their stuffed animal in the pile.

Once the have selected and animal, take the blindfold off and see if they chose correctly. If they did they win a prize (candy). One tough part about this game is that the stuff animals need to remain in the pile until everyone has had a turn. This may be a hard sell, so have some spare stuffed animals (from the host house) to replace any that may not make it back to the pile.

Use Mini Stuffed Animals
Rather than have kids bring stuffed animals purchase an assortment of mini-stuffed animals. Then show them they animal that you want them to find and see if they can find that animal in the pile.