Towel and Apple Party Games and Activities
Supplies: Towels, Apples or a ball like tennis / baseball / softball, buckets / containers

These kid’s party games were created as a challenge to come up with a games involving towels and apples. Here are the results:

Towel and Apple Toss
You need two people per team. They will receive a bath towel or smaller and each person will hold one end of the towel.

Buckets / containers will be placed at 5, 10 and 15 feet away from where the teams will stand to play the game. Each bucket / container will be assigned a point value – 5, 10 or 15 points with the closest basket being 5 points and the farthest on 15 points.

Each team will stand at the Toss line and an apple will be placed on their towel. They should be close enough that the towel sags a little so the apple does not fall right off the towel. Once the apple is placed in the towel the team must toss or flick the apple towards the buckets.

If the apple lands in the buckets they receive points based on the number of apples in that bucket and the point value of the baskets. Apples that miss the bucket receive zero points.

In most cases, the teams will get better each turn. Play two or three rounds and the team with the most points wins.

Apple Distance Toss
This variation uses the teams, towels, apples but you will also need different colored markers (two for each team) for each team as the teams are playing for distance.

This is entertaining for competitive kids as they try to toss their apple further then any other team. Best played in an open yard or field.

How to Play
Have the team grab a towel, line up and place the apple in the towel.
The team then works together to toss the apple as far as possible.
Now one person should be the marker and they mark where the apple first hits the ground with the team colored marker.
Once it is marked the next team goes and there apple is marked and so with each team.
Once the first round is complete – you should have 1 marker for each team on the field

Now begin Round Two
Each team line up again and tosses the apple and the marker marks where it hits.
If the apple went further then the first throw the marker noting where the first apple is hit.
If the shot is shorter then the first shot no marker is place in the ground.
Repeat for 3, 4 or 5 rounds
The team that has the farthest toss after you finish wins.

Apple Toss Activity
If you have 2 – 4 bored kids have towels and apples or tennis ball, consider having them pair up and see who can throw the apple the highest using the towel.

2 Kids can play by seeing how high they can toss it and how many times in a row they can toss it up in the air and catch it.

Another option if there are 4 kids is to see if they can play catch by throwing the apple back and forth between the towels. Challenge them to see if they can do it 20 times. If they succeed challenge them again by moving further apart.

I want to thank my friend Kathy for this unique challenge and hope you like this unique party game idea for kids or adults.
Created by Sarah of Party Game Ideas