Chocolate and Flour Game – Messy Kid’s Game
Supplies: Flour, bite size pieces of chocolate, plastic knife

This game is simple and silly and is fun for a group of kids that can sit around a table, so 4 – 6 kids recommended but you can play with more. It can be placed as a party game or as weekend activity.

Chocolate and Flour Game Prep & Play
a. On a clean table place a big mound of flour and on top place several pieces of chocolate, Hershey miniatures or Rolos work well, on top of the flour.

b. The players are then instructed that they must cut a slab of flour off using the plastic knife and then bring that flour towards them. Slabs should be a minimum of a ¼ or ½ inch.

As the flour from the cut is pulled towards the player, the flour pile will re-adjust.
If no chocolate tumbles down the flour pile the knife is passed to the next contestant.

If however a piece of chocolate tumbles off the flour pile, then that player must pick up that piece of chocolate with their mouth (No hands) without disturbing the remaining pile of flour and chocolate.

The result can be very messy.

c. Once the player retrieves the chocolate then the next player goes. The game continues until all the chocolate is eaten.
Thanks – Ella

Clean Variation
Instead of having the player pick up the using their mouth and putting their face in the flour, hand them their chocolate.

However to make sure the kids aren’t just trying to knock the chocolate off to get the candy.

– Including 1 piece of candy per player and when you cause the chocolate to fall you are out of the game.
– Last player remaining wins a bigger prize or chocolate and a prize.