Blind Man’s Bluff
Supplies: Wide open space, blindfold

This classic game makes for a fun party game activity to keep people busy and entertained. It’s easy to play with a large group of kids in a large open space.

Classic Blind Man’s Bluff Game
a. Define a playing area with boundaries; anyone going outside that area automatically becomes the blind man if they go outside this area.

b. One person is blindfolded and spun around a few times, while the other players run around until told to Stop.

c. When players are stopped their feet are frozen to the floor, however they can lean different ways. Once everyone is stopped the blindfolded person walks around the room and tries to touch someone, whoever is the first person touched becomes the next to be blindfolded.

FYI – Someone needs to make sure that the blind man stay in the game area, so make sure you have a spotter that tell them to stop if close to the edge and then redirect them back into the game area.
This is a great game to keep the kids active and entertained and they can play for 5, 10 or 15 minutes.

Blind Man’s Bluff Team Game
a. In this version divide the group into two teams.

b. Now one player is selected from Team A to be the Blind Man and another person is chosen to the Team A’s caller. All Members of Team B go into the playing area and move around while the blind person is spun around.

c. When the game host yells “stop,” the players from Team B must freeze. Now Team A will have 1 minute, less if that seems to easy, to have Team A’s caller direct the Blind Man around to tag the frozen players of Team B.

d. After the minute is up, record how many players the Blind Man tagged and score the number. Now switch teams and play again. Play one or several rounds, the team with the most points win or play to a specific point total like 12, 15 or 21.