Boat Race and Relay Game
Supplies: 2 Jelly roll pan (large flat pan low sides), 2 small boats (carved out of nut shell or balsa wood), straws, water

This boat race will challenge player to blow their boat across a pan as fast as they can. This game takes some prep work and we recommend do a test run before the actual game to make sure they float and the sails hold together.

Boat Race and Relay Game Prep & Play
a. Create a walnut shelled boat.
So how do you make the walnut shelled boats?
First get walnuts, clay or gum, toothpicks, paper for a sail and glue.
Carefully split the walnut so you have a half shell and clean out any broken pieces.
Then cut the paper in triangles and glue the triangle to the toothpick. The triangle point should be at the end to the toothpick and the length of the triangle should be a little over half the length of the toothpick.
Now take the clay or gum and stick it in the inside of the walnut shell and then insert toothpick in the clay / gum to create the sail. If needed use the glue to secure the toothpick in the clay/gum.

Short on time consider wind up toy boats, balloon boats and plastic boats.

b. Put enough water in the pan so the boat can be pushed along in the water by blowing in the straws. Any large rectangular pan will work and you can also use a baby pool too. The longer the distance the better.

c. Now to get started with the Boat Race game, place the boats in the water and hand each player a straw. If you have teams make sure the each player on the team has their own straw so that germs are not spread.

d. Players must then move the boats from one end of the pan (course) to the other by blowing through the straw to push the boat. The first person to reach the other side wins their race. You can continue having races until there is a winner.

Team Relay Play – If you do relays then the player must move the boat from one end of the course to the other and once the boat touches the other side the player must tag the next player so they can then move the boat back to the other side. This continues until the first team to have everyone move the boat from back and forth is done.

If the kids are older place obstacles in the water so the game is more difficult.

Last if you make shell boats make a few extra as sometimes the sails blow off or fall over during the game this way you have a replacement ready to go for your Boat Races.

A fun and interesting game for kids, teenagers and adults.