Dressed for Work – Kid’s Game
Supplies: Various adult clothes, timer

In this game, kids truly grow up way to fast as they race to put on oversized adult clothes. This makes for a fun and silly party game or weekend game when you have lots of kids in the house.

Dressed to Work Kids Game Prep & Play
This game is lots of fun as you have kids dressing like adults.

a. First place a pile of adult clothes in the center of the room. You will need 2 to 3 of each. (Pants, shirts, ties, belt, socks, shoes and hats if you have them)

b. Now mix up the clothes and place in a pile, then have the kids form a circle around the pile. They should be at least two steps back from the clothes.

c. You have two ways to play this:
1. Select two players to compete at a time. Set a time limit of 60 seconds (can be 90 seconds if needs) and then when the game host says go, the kids quickly sort through the pile to get ready for work. Kids race to put on a shirt, pants, and other items properly (buttoned,tie tied, belt closed) when time is up, the player who got the most item on wins. Players then remove the clothes, the pile is mixed up and the next players are called to take their turn.

2. Individual play – Time how long it takes players to get ready for work, fastest (lowest) time to put on the outfit wins. This means buttons buttoned, zippers zipped etc…

You can decide which way to play just for fun or lowest time.