Crazy Ping Pong – Team Party Game
Supplies: Ping pong table, ping pong balls

This is so silly and simple, yet it can be so much fun and a little tiring too. It helps to have a ping pong table or at least a large level table and ample space around it.

Crazy Ping Pong Game Prep, Rules & Play
a. Take the net off a ping pong table.

b. Position an equal number of guests on each side of the table, we recommend a minium of 4 (players can stand or be on their knees).

c. When the ping pong ball is placed on the table it is up to each person(s) to try to blow it to the other side of the table. The more people the easier it is to team up to get the ping pong ball rolling!

d. Ping pong rules apply – if the ball goes off the table the other side gets a point. The ball is placed on the side that lost the point and play continues. Play first team to 11 or 15 wins, must win by two points.

If you have several teams, play to 11 for quicker play.

This is a hilarious game which we have played with teenagers and adults.
Thanks – Cathy T. from Missouri

Crazy Ping Pong Variation 1
Have 4 or 6 ping pong balls and number half 1 for Team 1 and the remaining 2 for Team 2. The goal is the Team 1 is trying to blow off Team 2’s ping pong balls and Team 2 is trying to blow off Team 1’s ball.

First team to blow the ping pong balls off the other Teams off the table wins.

Crazy Ping Pong Variation 2
Add targets to the table! Place plastic soldiers, game pieces or items that represent specific players around the table. Divide into teams and place team’s game piece on their side of the table. Now each team must work to protect their teams game pieces while trying to send the ping pong ball across the table to knock down opposing player’s game pieces.

If a game piece is knocked down by the opposing team that specific player is out of the game. If a member of the same team knocks down on of their own game pieces then that game piece is reset.

Team with the last player standing wins.