Balloon Target Game
Supplies: Bulls Eye Target (3 feet by 3 feet), balloons and space

This is a silly game that can be played for fun and anyone hitting the bullseye can win a prize. Adults will need to help younger kids with this game. This game is great for kids 3 – 9 years old.

Balloon Target Game Prep & Play
a. Place the target in center of room (purchase or draw one – it should be 3 feet by 3 feet).

b. Divide the balloons by color, the number of colors will determine the number of participant per round. (4 colors – 4 players per round). We recommend four different colors and using the same color from the same location every time you play. This will allow you to know which child let go of which balloon.

We like long skinny balloons for this game, but you can use regular balloons too.

c. Take your first group, give them each one balloon and have them stand around the target. Now have them take an equal number of steps back (2, 3, 5, etc) depending on the size of the room and age of the participants.

d. Tell them that they must blow up their balloon and will be releasing it with the goal of landing the balloon on the bulls eye. If you have young kids, then blow up the balloon for them. (You’ll need one adult per player to blow up the balloons and then hand them to the children.

e. The kids can then release the balloon and it should flutter away as the air escapes. The direction is takes is random and if you see the balloon are all overshooting the target. Play several rounds and the second round take an extra step or two back.

f. Give prizes to anyone who lands in the bullseye or play rounds and score player points (1 point for each bullseye highest score wins.

It is funny to watch the balloons take off and fun to play.
Thanks Amy for sharing this Balloon Party Game