Hula Hoop Snake Race aka Mova the Hula Game
Supplies: Hula Hoops – 1 per team

This is a Minute It To Win It type game as it is a short, challenging game that can be combined with other games in a larger game event. Hula Hoop Snake game works as a stand alone game, but just know that it often takes 3 – 5 minutes at most.

Hula Hoop Snake Race Prep & Play
a. Let your guests know you are going to play a game and divide your guest into the Teams 4 – 10 players. FYI – You’ll need a hula hoop for each team.

b. Now ask the team to face towards you (players would be lined up beside each other) and then join hands.

c. Now go get the Hula Hoops and explain how the game is played.
The first person of the team will be given a Hula Hoop and when the Game Host says go must place the hula hoop over her head and then must let go of the hula hoop.

From that point on, no one can touch the hula hoop with a free hand or break hands. Player must work to move the hula hoop from the start of the line to the end of the line.

If the hands break or if someone cheats and uses a hand to move the hula hoop, the hula hoop must go back to the front of the line and start over!

d. The first team to successfully complete the task wins.

Only one Hula Hoop
Use a stopwatch and time how long it takes a team to complete the task. Fastest time wins.