Minefield Party Game
Supplies: Paper plates or sheets of paper, space, grid sheet, pens

Our Minefield Game is a fun random challenge between teams to see who can get across the minefield safely. The game was inspired by the minefield video game and can be played indoors or outdoor by teams or individual players. While there might be some challenge in the trying to outwit your opponents, Minefield is a random game that takes a little bit of skill, luck and memory in order to succeed. It can be played by kids and adults.

We have created Minefield Game PDF’s that make for easy play.

Game Prep for Minefield Game:
1. You need 30 pieces of paper or paper plates and number these from 1 to 30.

2. Lay out the sheets / plates in a grid (3 across and 10 rows. See Minefield PDF to view)
When laying out the sheets leave enough space so the kids can stand in front of the numbers, rather than standing on the numbers. This way you can play this game again.

3. The numbers should be in order Row 1 – 1, 2, 3 then Row 2 – 4, 5, 6 and so on.

4 You also need a mini grid that teams will fill out before the game begins. Party Game Ideas has provided one that you can print out and use for the Minefield Game.

How To Play – Minefield Party Game:
1. Divide Guests into Teams of 3 Players,
You can do more but the games go quick and 3 allows most players to take a turn.

2. Once the Teams are divided show Team 1 the Start Line and have Team 2 complete the Minefield Mark Sheet by marking where the mines should be by circling either 8, 10 or 12 numbers.

Please note for young kids we suggest having them place 8 mines on the sheet and limit the mines to 1 per row. However for older and more competitive kids we recommend 10 to 12 and allow up to two mines per row.

3. Once the Mines have been marked the Minefield sheet is handed to the Game Host is not on any team.
We have created a Minefield Game PDF for you.

4. Now the 1st Player steps up to the Minefield and Steps to one of the numbers either 1, 2 or 3 and Calls out the number to the Game Host.

5. The Game Host replies back Safe or Kaboom!
Safe means that the Player is Safe and can advance to the next row.
Kaboom means the Mine blew up and that player is out of the Game.
Once a Mine Blows Up the number is turned over so it cannot be selected again.

6. As long as Players are select Safe Spaces they continue, row by row, until they hit a Mine or reach the Finish Line. Once a Team reaches the Finish Line their Team moves on to the next round.

However if a player hits a Mine, the Player is done with this round and cannot advise or influence other players in which numbers are safe. Therefore it is important that the remaining team members remember the Safe path that the other team members had taken.

7. When the Second player from the team enters the Minefield they must go row by row just like the first player (See step 4.) and hopefully make it the further than the first player before hitting a Mine or to the Finish Line. If the Second player hits a Mine, then the pressure is on for the Last Team member to choose wisely and make it to the Finish Line, if they fail to do that their Team is out of the game.

8. Once the Team 1 Finishes, the process is repeated with Team 2 going to the Starting Line and the next Team completing the Minefield Sheet.  Once all the Teams have completed a turn, all the teams that made it to the Finish Line Advance to the next round.

9. In order to make things interesting add 1 extra Mine for each additional round.
Play until you have 1 Winning Team and in case you have a round where no teams successfully just have all the teams replay the round until you have a winner.

Add in Minefield Game Twists:
1. Once Per Team Game – 1 Player on that team can ask “How Many Mines are left between them and the Finish Line?” This can be important when you are playing with 11 or more bombs.

2. Once Per Team Game  – 1 Player, if they feel unlucky, can call in The Bomb Squad rather than announce the number and get a pass on that number. This Option is best saving for the last person on the Team or for the next to last row before the Finish Line.

3. Change up the Minefield – Complex Minefield PDF Below
Instead of having 10 Rows of 3 Across, consider doing 2 rows of 2, 2 rows of 4, 2 rows of 3, 2 rows of 2 again and the last 2 rows be 4. This makes things interesting as some rows of 4 could have 2 mines, a row of two might have zero and it makes asking how many mines are left in the game a little bit more relevant. We have create a second Minefield Game PDF with rows of 2, 3, and 4.