Hunger Games Party Game
Supplies: Large outdoor space, multi-colored discs or squares, colored tags, scoring board, mega phone or person with loud voice

The Hunger Games is a series of books and was a very popular movie series. This game has many layers and takes preparation, but for someone who enjoys the Hunger Game series this game can be lots of fun.

We’ve come up with a unique way to merge a party game and The Hunger Games without any fighting or killing. This game is a fun mix of capture the flag, scavenger hunt and the Hunger Games theme.

Game Supplies for Hunger Games Party Game:
1. A good sized outdoor area, a half-acre or more would be great, with trees or high grass would be best but you can adapt it for more urban areas if needed.

2. Different colored discs or squares. You’ll need one color for each player in the game.  The larger the acre the larger discs or squares can be. So if you are playing in the woods, you could use colored paper plates and if you are playing in a yard use plastic lid from a margarine tub or something similar and cover them with different colored construction paper and if it is a really small yard consider a lid the size of a glass juice lid/cap and cover with construction paper. You can also create cardboard squares and color them. The goal is to make the discs or squares hard but not impossible to find.

3. Selecting colors. You want to use colors that people can spot and know are part of the game. So use bright fun colors and avoid browns and greens that might blend into the background.

4. Create color buttons or tags that can be placed on the game players. This will allow each player to know what color they are. Also if you selected unique colors write the name of the color on the button or tag, so that if they hear that color called then they will know whether they are still in or out of the game.

5. Create a Tally Board that discs / squares can be placed on once they are found. The Tally Board can be made of paper or cardboard and will include a row for each District / Color, a SAFE row, an Eliminated row and a row to note which District / Color eliminated the competition.

Game Prep – Hunger Games Party Game:
1. Define your playing area so all players have an idea of where boundary lines are. Place markers or flags if needed to help define the area.

2. Once the area is defined then create a simple map of the playing field.

3. Before your event randomly place / hide colored discs or squares on the playing field and mark where each color is on your map. Note the colored discs / squares should not be visible from the starting point but can be hidden in high grass, behind trees and so forth. Again the smaller the playing field the more difficult the hiding of the discs will need to be as you want the game to be a challenge.
4. Place the Hunger Games Tally Board on a table at the Starting Line and prepare to tell the Tributes your Hunger Games rules.

5. Determine length of game. We recommend that you play your Hunger Game Party Game until all the color discs are found or until a set time limit is reached which can be 10, 15 or 20 minutes. Note: You can always add extra time to the game if the guests are taking longer than expected.

How To Play – Hunger Games Party Game:
Gather all your Tributes around an Welcome them to the Hunger Games.

Have each Tribute randomly select their Color (the colored buttons or tags) from a cloth bag (a pillow case works well for this). Once each Tribute has selected a color, you need to attach it to them via a pin or necklace, then show them the Tally Board and Explain the Rules.

Here is Welcome Speech to give you some ideas:

Dear Tributes, Welcome to Our Hunger Games.

Each of you has now selected your Tribute Color and you can see it on our corresponding Tally Board. When the Hunger Games begins each Tribute will enter the playing field in search of Colored Discs like this, at this point hold up an extra example of a colored disc / square.

It is important to know that a Tribute can only carry one Colored Disc / Square at a time. Any Tribute caught or seen holding more than 1 disc at a time will be automatically from the game. We will be watching (for fun hold up a pair of binoculars to stress your point).

Once a Disc is found you must return to the Tally Board and place it in either the Safe or Eliminated Row. 
a. If the Disc you find is Your Colored Disc – The Disc Goes into the Safe Row
b. If the Disc is a Competitors Colored Disc – The That Tribute is Eliminated From the Game
– Once an Eliminated Tribute is out of the Game we will Announce that Players Color for all players to hear and that player must return to the Starting Point at that time.
– If the Eliminated Player has a colored disc in hand at that time, they must bring that disc with them and forfeit that disc to the Tally Board Manager.
– If a Tribute does not hear that they are eliminated and returns to the Tally Board with a disc, they will be notified they are out of the game and then forfeit the disc to the Tally Board Manager.
c. Once a disc is placed on the Tally Board and recorded by the Game Host, then the Tribute can return to find more discs.

Once a player has a disc another player cannot steal the disc or obstruct the player from returning to the Tally Board

The Goal Tributes is to Find Your Disc First and Guarantee your Safety, however with (insert the number of players in your Hunger Games) __ tributes on the hunt the odds of finding your disc is slim.

However act fast and find a many discs as you can and hopefully you will be a Hunger Games Champion.

The Winner of the Hunger Games is the Tribute that earns the most points during the competition.
2 Points are awarded for finding Your Own Disc (a SAFE Disc) and delivering it to the Tally Board.
1 Point is awarded for finding an opponent’s Disc and delivering it to the Tally Board.
All Forfeited Discs have a point value of 0

Once Each Tribute’s Points have been tallied we will announce our Hunger Games Champion

At this point, you’ll need to note the boundaries of your Hunger Games contest and if they are marked.
Let the Hunger Games begin and “May the Odds be in Your Favor.”

Hunger Games Party Game Variation

Team Play:
Have a lot of kids and not to many colors then make these adjustment for Team Play
1. Divide the Guests up into 3, 4 or more Teams and Have 1 Person from Each Team select their color
2. Hide the same amount of discs per team. For teams of 4 – 6 players hide 5 discs per team and for 7 – 10 hide 7 discs
3. Safe and Elimination Row changes for Team Play
– If a Team find 3 of their 5 colored disc or 4 of their 7 discs and places them in the Safe Row the Team is Safe
– If the other Teams get 3 of 5 or 4 of 7 of their competitors colors in the Elimination Row then that entire Team is Eliminated
4. Scoring 2 points for every Safe Disc they have and 1 point for every competitors disc they find. Also their is a Bonus of 3 points if a Team finds all their own colored discs and returns them to the Safe Row.
5. The Safe Team with the highest point total wins