Mystery Box Guessing Game
Supplies: Various items and create mystery box to place items, pen and paper

Discover games are not only fun to play, but they help develop sensory skills. We enjoy this as a party game but also think it works as a simple parent-child game and a weekend play when you have 3 or more kids at the house.

Mystery Box Guessing Game Prep & Play
a. Find a box that is large enough that you can create comfortable holes in the side or sides so guests can place their hand arm in the box. When it is game time, everyone is told that they will have a set amount of time 1 minute to feel the contents inside the box and write down everything they can identify.

b. Prep Work: Take box and cut 1 (more difficult) or two hand holes in the box. Place a loose cloth cover inside the box that is attached just above the hand holes. Use a glue gun so that it does not come loose during the game. The cloth should cover the hand hole so that guests can not see inside the box, but it should be loose at the bottom so game players can reach in the box.

c. Now get a variety of kids items small doll, plastic spider, plastic animals, eraser, maybe apple or orange, etc… If you are not sure what to add then head to the dollar store and walk the toy aisle for ideas, once you have the items make a list and place in them in the box. Make sure you have a list of all the items you are going to place in the box and if you have any large items that can not fit through the hole be sure to place them in the box before wrapping it.

d. Once you have your items, wrap the box so that it looks nice and place items inside.

e. During the party each guest will have 30 seconds or 1 minute to feel around the box and write down everything that they think is in the box. Make sure other kids aren’t spying on their answers. you may want to play this in another room and pull the kids to play one at a time during the party.

f. Once everyone had their turn in guessing what was in the box, score the answers as follows.
1 point for every item that is correctly identified
-1 point if you list an item that is not inside the box
The person with the highest score wins a prize.

The best way to do the scoring is to one by one remove the items from the box and show the guests.