Shopping Lists Game
Supplies: Shopping lists, pen and paper, loud voices

This is a listening game and is fun to play with girls on one team and the boys on the other. It kind of highlights how what we hear isn’t always what we write down. Thanks Dilamani for sending in this kid’s game.

Shopping List Game Prep & Play
a. Divide the group into two groups. Group A and Group B. We like have girls in one group and boys on the other. The Groups should be separated and

b. Group A is given a piece of paper and pen and asked to write down 10 items with various amounts that they would by at the store. (Example : 1 bottle of milk, 2 packets of gelatin, 4 bars of chocolate, 4 pounds of sugar, 5 oranges, 1 dozen eggs, etc.) Think numbers and items is too much? Then just go with the items Pizza, Cheerios, Yogurt, Ice Cream and so on.

They are not to say what they are placing on their shopping list. Once the shopping lists are completed, proceed. Note: Everybody’s shopping list should be different.

c. Once the shopping lists are completed, proceed to line up the Players from Group A on one side of the room. Now Go to Group B and hand each player a pen and blank sheet of paper and direct players to line up across from Group A players. They should be at least 10 – 15 feet apart and Groups A & B should be facing each other.

Each Group A player should now be Teamed up with the Group B player across from them. Make sure every person has a partner before the game begins.

d. Now explain Shopping List game play and rules.
When the Game Host says “Go,” players in Group A start reading off their Shopping Lists and their partner from Group B starts writing down the items on the list.

The crazy part is that everyone on Group A is reading off their list at the same time and this game gets REALLY LOUD FAST as players try to talk over each other to be heard.

e. Once a Partner from Group B believes that they have everything on shopping list, the player raises their hand and the Game Host must telling everyone to STOP and be quiet.

Once everyone is quiet, the Player from Group A gives the Game Host their list and the Player from Group B reads off the items on the shopping list.

If the Player from Group B gets everything correct that team wins and if they do not get everything correct those players are then out of the game and the Game Host restarts the game.

Play until one team gets the Shopping List correct and Wins the game.