Sweet Ring Toss Game
Supplies: Three rings (at least 6 inches in diameter) — these can be made out of cardboard or wooden craft rings, Individually-wrapped candy and/or novelty toys, plastic/vinyl table cloth or a bed-sheet.

You want a fun and interactive game for the kids, you want it to be challenging and you want they to have success. Sweet Ring Toss game fulfills those requirements by let kids toss rings to win candy.

Sweet Ring Toss Game Prep & Play
a. Spread a tablecloth or flat sheet on the floor and then spread candy and small toys on the sheet. You might want to add a few unique items that you know the kids really enjoy.

b. Children then take turns tossing the rings (each may have three tries) on the cloth hoping to win candy or prizes.

c. Any item that lies within the ring after the throw is “won” by the person who tossed it. You can make this game harder or easier by having children stand farther or closer to the sheet with candy.

Note: During the first round, you may want to add a few pieces of candy to replace any that is won and then after the first round player until all or most of the prizes have been won.

If there is still candy after three add additional rounds.