Speedway Racing Game
Supplies: Create a race track (outdoors or in large space), dice, craft supplies / boxes to create cars

When young kids get together for a Cars, Racing or Nascar party often you want to have some sort of racing game or challenge that involves laps or racing that is fun for the kids. This game gives younger kids a race game to play where they are in the drivers seat.

Speedway Racing Games Set-Up, Prep & Play
In the backyard or in a large room make a racetrack that the kids can race around. Use racing flags and rope to define the racetrack area. Also create a Pit Stop area, which can be used during the game.

Another fun Speedway add on is creating racecars that the kids can wear while racing around the track. Creating these racecars add that little extra to the game and you could even use it again as a Halloween costume.

How to Make a Racecar
diy speedway racecar– We did this by taking the trays from our Nutrisystem box but you can use a decent sized box and cut it in half.
– Cut a hole in the bottom of the box so that the kids can fit through
– Just an in inch beyond the new hole, use a pen to poke a whole through the cardboard
– Through the holes you tie rope or ribbon – This rope with allow the car costume to rest on the child’s shoulders.
– Use paper plates as wheels
– Decorate the racecar: You can spray paint the car, add stickers, decorate with markers and use tape to create racing stripes.

We have come up with several Speedway Racing Games you can play at your party

Version 1 – Speedway Racing Games
Play the cars on each child and line up 3 to 4 children at the starting line
Then Say – Ready, Set, Go and drop the Flag
The kids must race around the track 5, 7 or 10 laps.
The 1st child to complete all the laps wins the race
Run more races and then have the winners of each race.
The final race of previous Speedway Race winners decides the Champion

– Turn Version 1 into a Speedway Relay Race
Party guests are divided up into teams and each member of the team must complete a specific amount of laps before tagging the next player and transferring the car costume.
In this scenario we recommend 4 laps per team member
First team to have all team members complete all their laps win

– Turn Version 1 into a Speedway Relay Race with a Carrying or Balancing Task
How do you make this game harder and take out the advantage of pure speed?
At a task to each lap that involves carrying or balancing something.
In this version, each Racer in the Relay Race is a member of the Pit Crew and must help their team by taking tires (inflatable tubes) or gasoline (colored water) with them around the track.
In this scenario, each Pit Crew Team member puts on the car costume and then must carry a tire or balance a ½ filled cup of gasoline on a plate or tray as the move around the track. If they drop the tire or spill the gasoline they must return to the starting line to start their lap again.
Have each child complete 1 or 2 laps before the next child goes
First team to have all team members complete all their laps win|

Version 2 – Speedway Racing Game
In this Speedway game, you can have all the guests go at once and have them complete a lot of laps (30 – 50) or do Race Heats where 4 – 8 children go at a time and you complete 20 laps each race.

This version may require more cars if you have all the guests play at once and more assistance as you need to track all the laps and let the kids know when the need to make a pit stop. We recommend that each Racecar be given a number so you can track who is doing what. I will be honest without assistance it could be chaos!

How to Play – Version 2 Speedway Race
Each child is given a car and you line up the kids (you can have them select numbers from a hat to determine order), starting them in Pit Row. You’ll also need a box with one die in it.

The Race Car Drivers are all lined up in Pit Row with their Cars.
– The First Driver Steps Up, Rolls the Dice
– The Speedway Official the Calls Out the Racecar Number and The Number of Laps they Rolled; which is the amount on the die.
– Driver 1, Four Laps (Which should be recorded by another Speedway Official)
– Once announced that driver Enters the Racetrack to complete Four laps around the track and once the Racecar Driver completes the laps then they must then return to Pit Row to fuel back up and roll the die again. (See Lap Coupon idea below for tracking laps)
– Once the First Driver enters the Racetrack the next Driver steps up and rolls the die and the Official calls out their results Driver 2, 3 Laps, and so on Driver 3, 6 Laps, Driver 4, 1 Lap
– As the Racecar Drivers complete their Laps they return to Pit Row to roll again for more laps and depending how busy Pit Row is other drivers can catch up in this game.
– First one to be the first to complete all the laps (20, 25, 50 – you decide) Wins.

With this game we suggest having unique race car numbers on each car.
Two adults or more may be needed to manage this game is all the kids play at once, otherwise break up into heats. If the kids are old enough you might want to have some of the kids be lap counters (1 lap counter per racer) so they know when to pull into Pit Row.

Another way to make sure that the kids know when to go into Pit Row if to give them Lap Coupons, so when they roll a 4 they are given 4 Lap Coupons and then every time that they complete a lap they turn in a Lap Coupon so they can continue and when they are out of Lap Coupons then they know to return to Pit Row!

One adult should be positioned where the dice are rolled and call out after the role Driver 3 – 4 laps. Then another adult should be posted to note when each car completes a lap or to collect Lap Coupons and you might want another to let the kids know when they must head to pit row.