Balloon Burst Kid’s Game
Supplies: 2 – 3 Balloons per child, Pieces of paper

This Balloon Burst game will have kids popping balloon in order to win prizes and get candy. This is a loud game, that requires clean up of the balloon pieces after play is complete (we don’t want any pets eating the balloons).

Balloon Burst Game Prep & Play
a. Take small pieces of paper, you will need 1 per balloon, and on one piece of paper (more if you have more than 1 prize) write You Won a Prize on the rest of the pieces of paper write “Sorry Not a Winner Please Pop Again.”

FYI – You can have 1 or several prizes. We prefer a mix of prizes because it is always when lots of people win something. Also at some parties there is a prize in every balloon, but there are prize levels. (Normally 3 levels, 1 – basic candy, 2 – unique prize, 3 – Just one or two, really cool/unique items.

b. Now fold up the paper and place 1 piece of paper per balloon and blow up the balloons.

c. When you are ready to play, place the balloons in a room (if outside the balloons could blow away) and tell the kids that there is a prize in one of the balloons, but to find out what it is they must burst the balloon.

d. You can have the kids take turns in selecting and popping a balloon or you could release them all at the same time. (Which means some kids will pop more balloons than others.) Either way works.

e. For young kids the parents can pop the balloons and the kids can just go get one. Also if really young, you may want to have a lot of little prizes (candy) and one bigger one. Otherwise kids can sit on the balloons, stomp on them or whatever to pop them.

Rather then pieces of paper insert small pieces of candy into the balloons, that way every balloon has something fun inside.