Beanbag Toss – Children’s Party Game
Supplies: Beanbags, boxes, craft items, adults to assist

Beanbag games are easy and fun to play, plus you can use jars, cardboard, buckets and a variety of items as targets. This gives you an idea of what you can do and we showcase some ready to purchase beanbag games.

Beanbag Toss Game Prep & Play
a. A simple game that can be adapted for any Holiday or theme. Get 6 beanbags and 3 cardboard or shoe boxes and trace a design (that relates to party theme) on one side of box. Now have an adult cut out the traced design and this will be where the bean bags are tossed. Make sure holes are big enough for beanbags to go through, decorate to match theme. If you want be more creative and create a beanbag toss board using wood and decorate. The option above is the quick and easy method.

b. To play set the boxes 3, 4, and 5 feet away from a through line and place a value for each box. So 3 feet may equal 1 point, 4 = 2 points and 5 = 3 points. If the kids are older move the boxes back.

c. Each child is then given the beanbags and tosses them for the boxes. Once complete score the tosses. The person with the most points wins.

d. To change things up have more than one round and change the distance and layout of the boxes. This increases the length of the game and makes it more fun.

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