Golf Ball Croquet Relay Game – Kid’s Party Game
Supplies: 1 pair of Pantyhose per team, 2 golf balls per team

The kids will think you’re crazy and you’ll laugh and laugh and laugh as you watch them play this golf ball game. Silly and fun this kid’s game will challenge and entertain players and parents.

Golf Ball Croquet Relay Game Prep & Play
a. You’ll want 1 pair of pantyhose per team, 2 golf balls per team (tennis balls, lemons or oranges can be used as well), open space for the game to be played. We also recommend one adult be available per team to help with tying the pantyhose around the waist – very helpful with younger kids.

b. Divide guests up into teams. We like teams of 4-6 guests.

c. Grab a pair of pantyhose and put one golf ball down one of the legs of the pantyhose. Take the other leg and tie it around/to the waistline of the player. The golf ball that is in the leg of the hose should be in the back hanging down between the players legs. (For younger kids it can be in the front.)

d. Set a Start Line and a mid-point line that 15 away. Have the teams line up in rows at the start line and tie the pantyhose with golf balls around the 1st players waist.

e. Once the players are set place the other golf ball on the Start Line. Now explain Golf Ball Croquet rules and objectives.

The game objective is to move your hips to swing the golf ball in the pantyhose and hit the one on the floor to the mid-point (or around an object like a cone or bottle) and then turn around and hit the golf ball back to the Finish Line (Start Line).

once back to the Starting Line the player unties the pantyhose and helps the next person in line tie the pantyhose around their waist. FYI – You may want an adult to assist. Once the golf ball pantyhose is securely tied the second player takes their turn. This process continues until everyone on the team has completed the task.

The first Team to have everyone complete Golf Ball Croquet wins.

f. Key Golf Ball Croquet Rules
1. You can not use your hands to direct the hanging golf ball; it’s all in the motion of the hips.
2. You cannot intentionally hit another teams golf ball.
3. If the pantyhose fall off during play, the player grabs the pantyhose and goes back to the Start Line to re-tie the pantyhose around their waist. Once properly tied they can head back to where there golf ball is a resume play.

Golf Ball Croquet Variations – Game Play Ideas
a. Harder – Instead of just hitting the ball to one point have them person or team member go through arcs like they do in croquet. This makes it more difficult.

b. Play as individuals. This is game is fun for 4 or 14 people. For single player play just make sure you have a pair of pantyhose for each player.

c. Golf Game Style – If playing single player, consider playing several rounds and play like golf and see how many hits it takes the player to hit a target (cup or cone) Let player go one at a time and record each hit and record the number of hits. Play 3 or 5 holes and lowest score wins.