Shoes in the Dark
Supplies: Shoes, dark room and maybe air fresheners

A silly discovery game where you need to match up shoes quickly. It sounds easy until you are told that you must do it in the dark. It is an odd game, but one to be remembered and one that is best played with an air freshener!

Shoes in the Dark Game Prep & Play
a. This game is best with lots of people with different sized shoes.

b. Everyone takes their shoes off and tosses them into a laundry basket. Then the shoes are all mixed up and moved to one end of the room, while everyone else is seated at the other end of the room.

c. When everyone is set, work to darken the room, the darker the better. Now when the curtains are closed turn off the lights and then back on to test darkness. Now the birthday person says it is time to find your shoes and asks for the light to be turned off and they dump all the shoes into a pile at the other end of the room and meet with the others at the other end to sit down.

d. Now the birthday person will yell out someone’s name and then they will have 10 seconds to go find a pair of shoes and return. One by one the names are called and then the last pair of shoes are for the birthday person. The goal is to have fun trying different shoes and if someone is always after their own shoes then it is fun to take them just so they can’t find them.

e. Then have everyone put on their shoes and turn on the lights!
Thanks Kelly for this game idea.