Freeze Tag Games
Supplies: Open Space, kids with energy

This classic kids game, isn’t played as much as it used to be but still can be a lot of fun at a party. It will help kids burn off energy and is fun to play before they get to go swimming or hanging out at the pool. We offer Freeze tag Variations and a Team Freeze Tag option below.

Freeze Tag Game Rules
a. Define a play space with set boundaries.
b. Select someone to be the Freezer (person who freezes people)
c. Freezer closes eyes and counts to ten as the rest of the kids move around in the game play area.
d. Once 10 seconds are up, the Freezer moves around the playing field and if a player is touched they must freeze.
e. Once frozen the only way to be unfrozen is to be tagged by another player who is unfrozen.
f. The game can ends when someone has been frozen 3 times and then the are the next Freezer.

If the Freezer freezes everyone in the game, then they can pick anyone to be the next Freezer.

Different Variations of Freeze Tag
1. Shadow Freeze Tag
This is where the Freezer can step on the players shadow in order to freeze them. This makes the game more challenging, however it is hard to confirm if the shadow was stepped on. Good to play in the late afternoon.

2. Tunnel Freeze Tag
Frozen players must spread their legs, after being frozen and the only way to unfreeze a player is to crawl through their legs. If someone gets frozen while crawl through someones legs they must freeze themselves either in front of or behind the original player and make a longer tunnel.

3. TV – Cartoon Freeze Tag
In order for players to unfreeze others they must shout out the name of a tv show or a cartoon character. If that show or cartoon character has already used then that person is frozen along with the original person.

4. Team Freeze Tag
In this version, divide the group into Two Teams and select one player from each team to be the Freezer. FYI – The Freezer from Team 1 cannot Freeze the Freezer from Team 2.

In team Freeze Tag once you are Frozen twice you are out of the game (and leave the playing field) and the first Team to Freeze all the opposing players or eliminate them from the game wins. Play several rounds, the first Team to win 3 games wins.