Escape Room Birthday Party for Kids

Want a fun and unique way to create a memorable party activity that will have kids searching for clues, working together and entertained? Then consider setting up an escape room for their birthday party, sleepover or game night.

These escape room kits come in a variety of themes and offer a challenging activity that you can do at home often for a lot less than taking the kids to a private escape room. Current escape room rates we found now run $20-45 per person, with special group rates ranging from $160 to over $300! Plus if you book a room there is no flexibility on your start if you are late and need to add or remove a participant. Most of these printable diy escape rooms run under $40 for everything. 

These are well crafted Escape Rooms that are reasonably prices and give you flexibility as needed. We at Party Game Ideas thought about creating our own Escape Rooms but felt that it this was not one of our strengths. So we partner with this company to provide our guests with diy escape rooms that you can do hold at your home or event space. Please know that if you purchase these crafty activities Party Game Ideas will receive a monetary compensation. But until we are ready to take a stab at setting up our own mysteries, clues and complex puzzles, please enjoy this ready to play challenges for kids.

Here are the escape rooms that can work for kids birthday parties, game nights, family gatherings, classrooms, and social events.

Time Travel Escape Quest
The group must work together to find relics from the past and future. This game is geared towards kids 6-9 years old and should take around 45 minutes. Game can be customized. Learn more about this Time Travel Escape Room.
Time Travel Escape Room for Kids

Frost – Enchanting & Magical Escape Room
Teams will encounter magical characters and work to aid the forest. This game is geared towards kids 10-12 years old and should take around 60 minutes. Kids work in teams of 2-4 to uncover forgotten memories. Learn more about this Enchanted Escape Room.
Frost Escape Room for Kids

Lost Mummy
The crew will investigate the mystery of an Egyptian lost mummy. A fun and interesting diy escape room for kids 10-13 years old. See if they can solve puzzles in groups of 2-4. This escape room should take around 45 minutes. Learn more about the Lost Mummy Escape Room.
Lost Mummy Escape Room for Kids

Rebel Revolt Spy Mission
This is a spy thriller escape room for ages 14 and older. A little more challenging and intrigue. A fun game night activity for teenagers and will have them thinking like a secret agent. Learn more about Rebel Revolt Spy Mission.
Spy Mission Escape Room for Kids

Escape Rooms are a fun and challenging way for groups of friends and family members to work together to solve riddles, puzzles and challenges. And these diy escape rooms make for a memorable event that won’t break the bank.

So if you are looking for something different for a kid’s birthday party, a weekend sleepover, teenage game night and just a family game night activity then consider one of the printable diy escape rooms. 

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