DIY Birthday Bingo
Supplies: Paper to create bingo cards, pens and paper, markers (pennies or candy)

People of all ages love Bingo and we provide you with tips and ideas on how to make your own Birthday Bingo cards. At some point, Party Game Ideas is hoping to add Birthday Bingo games you can purchase.

Birthday Bingo Game Prep & Play
a. Make up a blank bingo card on 8 1/2 X 11 paper and made copies, for birthday parties consider adding some decoration to the Bingo card by making the border of the bingo card a cake or present. Each card should consist of five columns and five rows and the middle space (third column in and third box down should be labeled Free Space. The boxes need to be large enough that the guests can fill them in or you can do it your self before the party. Then on another sheet of paper come up with 40 to 70 items that related to birthdays. Before you play you need to have each birthday party guest fill in their blank spaces with any of the words on the list in any order. This will make sure that all the Birthday Bingo cards are all different.

Word Examples: birthday, presents, gifts, cake, candles, ice cream, games, balloons, confetti, music, list all zodiac signs and/or months of the year, pie, plates, prizes, etc… to equal 50 plus terms, you’ll need to be a little creative but it’s worth it.

b. If you printed the Bingo terms on a piece of paper then, cut out all the terms used in the game (one term per piece of paper) fold and then toss them into a hat or bag.

c. Now get ready to play Birthday Bingo by selecting one term out of the hat at a time. If a player has that item listed on their Bingo card they can cover it with a marker. Continue calling words until a player has either 5 blocks on their Bingo card in a row. (Five across, down or diagonal.)

d. Once they yell Bingo! check the card and the words to see if they do have Bingo. That guest receives a prize. Make sure you have enough prizes to play several round 3-6 is usually enough. Each game takes 5-10 minutes.