On Target Soda Bottle Game
Supplies: String, 1 Soda Bottle per person, (either lifesaver, paper clip, other)

This concentration game will frustrate lots of kids especially if they are competitive. We offer a few ways to play and is you want to make the game seem really odd, play Weenie in the Hole, same basic game but with hot dogs!

On Target Soda Bottle Game Prep & Play
a. Divide the group into two teams and line each team in a row.

b. Each team member will be given a string to tie around their waist. On the end of the string will be tied something that will fit into the bottle. (Example: life saver, paper clip, clothes pin – confirm it fits before the game.) Now place the soda bottles on the floor in front each player.

c. When the Game Host says “Go” every team member steps forward and tries to put the object on the end of string into the bottle without touching the string.

Add Difficulty by having the kids start rocking side to side before the start of the game. Oh it’s good to be the parent. When a team member has their object into the bottle they can sit down with the object still in the bottle. The first team to have everyone complete the task and sit down wins.
Thanks – Kathy

Individual Game Play
Instead of playing as teams, play as individuals. Set the bottles 10 – 15 feet away from each player and then when the Game Host says “Go,” the first person to race to the bottle, get the item inside and sit down wins.

On Target Relay Race Variation
This game can also be played as a relay race. Instead of giving each child a bottle each team gets one and each team member must place object in the bottle and site down to complete their turn.

Once they complete the task and it is confirmed by the Game Host, they can remove the object from the bottle and the next team member to goes. The first team to finish wins.